Friday, December 25, 2009

DECEMBER STATS: 18.6 miles

DECEMBER 2009: 18.6 miles

The good: I passed the 100 mile mark. 
The bad: I wanted to walk more this month but daylight savings time (I'm totally milking that one), holidays and persistant coughs kept me from it. 
The ugly: I'm going on vacation for the next week which blows 1/4 of my walking time this month so I won't be able to log any more time until January.
So even though there is a week of December left, I'm posting my monthly stats now since I won't be walking the streets of San Francisco before the new year. Have no fear, my sister is going to be visiting me the entire month of January and we have big plans of walking A LOT. So tune in next month for tons of mileage.  Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5.1 miles in Bernal Heights

Earlier this month, I walked down Cortland Avenue with my family and loved the neighborhood.  I really looked forward to going back to see the rest of the area. Yesterday was the day.

In the lower right hand corner of the map, you will see the 101/280 interchange.  This is what it looks like from the Bernal Heights neighborhood.  It's quite a view.  But really not as loud as one would think.  Truthfully, this neighborhood as a whole is incredibly quiet.

The area is called 'Heights' for a reason.

The houses are a real mix of loved and foresaken.  This one is very loved...especially by me. LOVE the paint job!

I'm also fond of this paint job.  I am a sucker for this color combo.

Someone sure likes the color white...

This house likes the idea of plants growing on it...

...It must be sooo jealous of this place.

Winner of the most forelorn house award.  :(

This one is the frontrunner in the creepy dungeon door category.

Whoa.  Think happy thoughts.  Think happy thoughts.

Here's a happy thought: a beautiful flower pushing through an overgrown sidewalk.

As I was coming down Putnam Street, I recognized these apartments and super pumped because you know where these are?...

Next to the Alemany Farmer's Market!

Sadly, I arrived after closing time so my favorite dried fruit stand was already packed up for the day.  Seriously, this farmer's market has the greatest dried fruit stand EVER.  Go try the dried white peaches sometime.  Mindblowing.

Getting to Bernal Heights Blvd. which loops the park was a challenge with a capital CH.  The climb up from Bocana Street was steep.  But as I got up there, I noticed this black dog and wanted to see what he was up to...

So glad I decided to climb up the hill because the view was a-mazing.  And so was Glicka, the black dog.  Yiddish lesson of the day:  Glicka means lucky.

Looking north from the top of the Bernal Heights Park, I got excited to see all those flat straight streets of the Mission.  Ooohhhh Aaaahhh. No steep hills to battle!  I can't wait to get down there and walk them.  I also can't wait to go back up to the top of the hill to take pics of the skyline on a clearer day.

I'll leave you with this barrel of monkeys.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2.8 miles in SoMa

The sketch level hit a new high tonight on my walk in SoMa.  It was definitely a Code Red down a few streets where the lighting was spotty and the ratio of homeless men to me was about 6 to 1.


Most of the area is hip, urban bustle...

...and then there is the Transbay Bus Terminal.  Yes, those are homeless people lining the wall. :(

Have you heard about Oscar Grant?  Google him.  He was the first tragic death of 2009 in the Bay Area and it ruffled a lot of feathers.  This door is keeping the memory alive in an oh so tasteful manner.

To detract from the "Skid Row" embiance, Greyhound Busline threw some rainbow lighting across the overpass.  It almost works.

Dang.  Besides having to avoid the lurking creeps in the dark corners, I faced a large obstacle mid-walk.  This neighborhood fails in the logistics/safety department.

However, it totally wins in the corporate lobby holiday decoration department.

This one is in the lobby of 50 Fremont which would be totally unblogworthy except that I got a request from my friend Christine to check out the SF office of the public accounting firm, Deloitte.

This one's for you, Christine!  (The doorman wouldn't grant me access to the actual Deloitte office, so the front door shot will have to do for now...)

This Orrick display is the current front runner in the prettiest tree presentation contest.

And this blob at CBS Interactive wins the award for best "abstract metal holiday shape."

Charles Schwab didn't have a tree presentation but they did have a holiday party.  Had I been in a jollier mood, I might have tried crashing it.  Next year, Chuck.  Next year.

JP Morgan wins the best "humongous sleigh bells" award.

I was taking pictures of the sleigh bells outside when the security guard offered to take my picture.  He said I should walk like an Egyptian.  I refused.  And thus, we arrived at this terribly awkward shot.

This neighborhood has some great public scultures.

I'm not going to lie - this one will haunt my dreams tonight. :S

Here are some huge pinecones to wash the memory of the spooky face sculpture from your mind.

Monday, December 14, 2009

3.4 miles in The Haight

Friends have raved about the Haight long enough.  I had to see it for myself.  Based on its proximity to the Panhandle (a known bum hangout), I decided to take my brother along for the walk...


...I'm glad I did because there were alot of homeless people milling on street corners in this area.  That said, Haight Street and the surrounding houses are really cool.

My brother is a musician (Hotel Eden: so he insisted on taking a quick lap through the inside of Amoeba.

The place is super cool inside!  It's a sea of CDs, tapes (yes, tapes) and good old fashioned records. 

Sorry, I was so fascinated by the porpoise people that I forgot the name of the place, but they sell specialty screenprinted clothes and whatnot.

This is a fun place for girls to get prettied up for a hot night on the town.

The neighborhood also has a lot of great food.  North Beach Pizza smelled amazing.  Sigh...Dang you, gluten! DANG YOU!!  I dream that one day NBP will have a gluten-free crust and I can partake in that awesomeness too.  For now, I will just stick to Amici's in the Marina District.

Like the Mission, this area LOVES murals.  They are really good too.

I don't know what to make of this one but it sure is colorful...

I also noticed that the residents in this area have opinions and like to share them.  Hands off the cactus.

One can only assume they mean directly outside this window?  Then again, the blinds are cocked for peaking, so maybe it's reverse psychology?  One could ponder this all day...

Sigh...what does this mean?  Illiteration is so shocking.

Okay, I rarely take pictures of myself so here you go.  We'll call this one "a real keeper."