Wednesday, March 31, 2010


MARCH 2010: 47.1 miles

Attention world: I met all three of my March goals:
GOAL 1: Do a 12 mile walk.
ACTUAL: I did a 12.5 mile walk!

GOAL 2: Finish walking the Richmond District.
ACTUAL: Completed the entire Richmond District on my 3.6 mile Inner Richmond walk.

GOAL 3: Hit the 200-mile overall mark by walking 40.1 miles in March.
ACTUAL: I walked 47.1 miles for a total of 206.6 miles.

Boo.  Yah.

Now, how should I challenge myself in April? Hmm...I'm thinking my April goals will be:

GOAL 1:  Do a 15 mile walk.
GOAL 2: Finish walking the Sunset District.
GOAL 3: Walk 50 miles total in April.

And...I'm off!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10.2 miles in Parkside/Sunset

I got a new phone that streams Pandora radio which made the walk FLY by.  Music is definitely the way to go.  It set my tempo and my mood.  So swell.

Welcome to Parkside.  It's a neighborhood tucked in the middle of the Sunset District.  It's called Parkside because ~ you guessed it ~ it's beside a park.  A nice park, too, I might add.

You can tell you are in Parkside because many of the businesses use the word in their name.

The houses are standard fare.

The black one is my favorite.

Let's talk about the landscaping for a minute.  Every house gets one cement path to the garage and one to the front door or stairs.  That leaves two segments, to either install flower beds (as seen above) or lawn.  Every house puts their own spin on this format.

Some put in fresh grass and hope for the best.

Some install astrolawn for a zero maintenance look.

While others paint the ground green to look like lawn is supposed to be there.

Imperfection need not apply.

Some people fill their beds with stones.

Some people go all out and stuff their beds full of flair.

While others just do the bare minimum.

Some people even put decorative tiles in their driveway.

I think this is a nice touch.

Martha Stewart says the front door makes a home.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: when it comes to Volkswagons, always double down.

This is probably the most attractive elementary school I've ever seen.

And this is probably the creepiest use of a mannequin I have ever seen.

At one point on Wawona Street, the road sort of splits and traffic cannot pass through the park, which requires a little off-road walking to get to the other side.  The sun was starting to set about this time and it was really REALLY beautiful in the park.

My favorite tree from the entire walk.

My favorite kitty from the walk.

Take note: there is no formal sidewalk on the east side of Sunset Ave.

This post is getting crazy long, so I'll leave you with this most unlikely graffiti.

1 mile in The Mission

I apologize if you are completely confused by the last three posts.  This is leg 3 of a 3-part walk I took last Friday and I took my sweet time posting it so now it just looks like a really lame 1-mile walk in a circle for no reason.  UGH!  The truth is, I walked over 4 miles on Friday evening but in three neighborhoods so made the executive decision to break the walk into the separate neighborhoods.  Deal with it.

To be honest with you, the dividing lines of the three neighborhoods are blurry to me, so I'm counting Cafe du Nord (very awesome music venue) as in The Mission, but maybe it's not.  Someone set me straight, please.

Is this a church or a chain email?

I wonder if this is the school where the kids play musical chairs with enough chairs for everyone so no one feels left out.  Seriously, I read that someplace.  Freakonomics, maybe?

Another mural.

And a rad cat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

2.6 miles in The Castro

This is my second swipe through The Castro to hit all the streets.

I'm not exactly sure of the technical boundaries of this neighborhood, but I think Delores Street is the eastern edge.

Speaking of Delores, I heard on Twitter that a huge census sheet had been erected in Delores Park.  I ruled it a 'must see' and planned my walk around it.  Ta-dah! It's a huge inflatable census!  Our tax dollars at work!!

Back to focusing on the walk.  I think Market Street is the northern boundary of the Castro, but not sure.  You know what I AM sure about? How awesome this sign is.

I guess the best way to tell when you are in the Castro or not is to look for the rainbow banners.

1 mile in Civic Center

I toiled for whole minutes debating whether I should post one walk through three neighborhoods as one awkward post or three short ones.  In the end, I decided to break it up.  So...the first mile of my Friday walk was down Van Ness.

It's a very exciting one mile.  Here is the State Building.

And City Hall.

The Herbst Theatre.

The Opera House.

And Symphony.  Ooh, ahh!

Editor's Note:  This street is really beautiful and packed with important buildings.  But, it also harbors a slew of unsavory characters so walk this neighborhood with care.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3.6 miles in Inner Richmond

Dunzo!  With the Richmond District, that is.  I can tell I'm getting stronger because this walk was a piece of cake.  The weather was phenomenal too, I might add.

This section of the Inner Richmond is a mixed bag...

of beautiful homes...

and not so beautiful homes...

and those somewhere in between.

Some paint jobs are noteworthy.

I especially like this entryway.

This is a first for me: Hebrew sidewalk grafitti.

This neighborhood has a ton of churches.

Christ Church wins for best paint job and smallest door.

Balboa Street is the one commercial street in the neighborhood.  (Um, am I the only one that reads 'crazzz' like 'spazzz'?)

Who is naming these places?!

There is something kind of lost in time about this neighborhood.  It could be the worn paint.

This is in fact NOT a quilt.

Alright. That's all for this post.  Remember this: