Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 mile Avon Warm-Up Walk

Saturday's walk was special because it was the official Avon Walk for Breast Cancer kick-off party at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square and a 3-mile Warm Up Walk. 

I've already walked the course we took up Nob Hill, through Chinatown and around The Embarcadero so I won't bother posting many pics from the walk.

The walkers were broken up into groups of 20 or so.  The leader of our group in the very front with the pink feather on the back of her hat has done five Avon Walks. Five!  Whoa.  You get the brown "Repeat" shirt when you walk more than one time.  I saw alot of brown shirts.  Very impressive.

My sister and sis-in-law (on the left) joined us in the fun even though they aren't going to participate in the big walk.  The girls on the right are going to walk San Francisco.

A decent picture of me in my Avon Walk shirt.  I think I'm going to update my profile pic with this one to look more mature.  I've been told donkey ears are not mature.  Whatevs.

When we got back to the Westin for the party, there were several hundred people crammed into the room.  Good turnout.  Very exciting to be a part of something so big and so pink!  Let's get walking!

1 mile through Chinatown to Union Square

My sister and I took this walk on Tuesday but I forgot to post the pics.  It was a short shopping trip after work that almost doesn't count as a bonafide walk, but a mile is indeed a mile so here it is.

We took Clay Street up to Grant to check out a few trinket stores.  I actually found what I was looking for (a Mr. Burns bobble-head). 

I LOVE that hat.  I was tempted to get it for my nephew but he's blonde so might look out of place.

Cute window display on Post.

Next time you're in Union Square, take a stroll through the HUGE Levi's Store.  It's pretty fun.  Besides a ton of clothes to sell, they have these fun America nooks to sit and look at.

Ooh, here's the Anti-Bac ad campaign that my brother did the audio work for! Go to if you want to listen to his commercial audio stuff.

Mom would LOVE it if you bought that...

I realized at the BART station that we never got a picture of us the night we actually saw Wicked.  This is going to have to do.

Monday, January 25, 2010

4 miles in South Sunset

The Sunset neighborhoods never cease to surprise me.  I fear every time I walk one that I'm going to be bored by the rows and rows of residential blocks, but I never am.  Each neighborhood is memorable.  Absolutely no offense to the residents of South Sunset but the one word that comes to mind when I think of it is...


I mean, a lot of rust.  To be fair, these streets are mere yards from the Pacific Ocean so the salt content in the air is high.

The grass is surprisingly salt resistant though.

Vincente is lined with all sorts of unique storefronts.

This place looks fun.

Uh, oh...looks like someone was dumped for a Swiffer.  Let her go, man.  Let her go.  :(

The Hatfields and McCoys of hauling.

The most exciting feature of this neighborhood, of course, is the San Francisco Zoo.  If you haven't been, I'm ordering you to go because the giraffe paddock is huge and the penguins are hilarious.

Not to be ignored, however, is the public ball park on 40th Ave.  Holy smokes, it is so cool.

I wish I owned a baseball bat.

Oh, yeah.  And then of course there's the beach.  No big deal.

I could hang out here all day.

The security system must be disarmed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 miles in St. Francis Wood

I have prepared the following excuses for why this walk was short:  I had to work most of the weekend and it has been raining.  There, glad I got that off my chest.

I also need to say this right away:  I have a huge crush on this neighborhood.

From the second I entered this neighborhood, I knew it was for me.  These houses are the kind you want to go to for Thanksgiving dinner.  So readers, if any of you live in St. Francis Wood, please invite me to Thanksgiving dinner just one time.  That would complete my world.


I think what makes this neighborhood so cool is that old...

...meets new so seemlessly.

The other thing that is fantastic about this area is the landscaping.  The trees are HUGE.

There are some nice public features in this neighborhood.  This fountain is one...

...and this grassy park is another.

I have an announcement:  As I walked along Maywood Drive, I happened upon this Tudor, my dreamhouse.  My dreamhouse in my dreamneighborhood.  Ahh...

I'm a sucker for Tudors, but they have to be the traditional colors.  This one is a bit too contemporary for me but I could learn to love it because of the awesome tree in the front lawn.

You know, if I were to guess where chocolate lived, I would have totally picked this house.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this crazy looking tree.  Enjoy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

7.4 miles in Outer Richmond

I took a great walk through the Outer Richmond on Saturday morning.  The weather was great, the sun was shining and the neighborhood was quiet.  Oh, yeah, and it borders Ocean Beach.  Love it.

The housing in this neighborhood: typical with a capital TY.

But, there were a few stand outs.  I think this house is soooo cute! Where are the two cats in the yard?

Great use of an orange door.

Balboa Street runs through the middle of this neighborhood and is lined with storefronts... 

...some surprisingly niche storefronts, at that.  (This one is for my husband who loves hockey.)

And this one is for my sister-in-law who wants to take fencing lessons.

I've never had Egyptian food before and really want to try it.  The menu looks relatively celiac-friendly.  Any advice on how to spot gluten on this menu?


Would you like your scoop of irony in a cup or a cone?

I'm so tired of watching movies in megaplexes.  I really want to see a movie in one of these older theaters.  Looks like fun.  Oh, I did see Sherlock Holmes and give it a big thumbs up.  It's Complicated, on the other hand, looks like a big litter pan.  Just my opinion...

It's kinda fun to spot the altered street signs in this neighborhood.

This one is kinda hard to see in the picture, but there is a sticker reading "invisible" over the 33.  Someone explain, please.

Okay, now the best part of this neighborhood is that it borders the Pacific Ocean.  Turn around, arrow! You're pointing the wrong way.  The awesomeness is the other direction!

The neighborhood also abuts the famous Golden Gate Park to its south. 

The park is huge and a walk in itself so this is just a sneak peak of a future entry.

For now, I'll leave you with this great view of Ocean Beach.