Friday, April 30, 2010


APRIL 2010: 83.9 miles

Well, what do you think of that? I had no idea I was so close to 300 miles until I added it all up this morning. Sweet!  Okay, so my goals for April were to finish the Sunset District (done), walk at least 50 miles (done) and do a 15 mile walk (done TWICE!).  I feel really good about all of this.

May is going to be really exciting.  My schedule is pretty hectic this month, but I would like to do one 20 mile walk and knock out the following neighborhoods. 

1.  Marina District
2.  Russian Hill
3.  North Beach
4.  Alamo Square
5.  Jefferson Square
6.  Cole Valley
7.  Hayes Valley
8.  Forest Knolls
9.  Twin Peaks West
10.  Sunnyside/Westwood Highlands
11.  Merced/SFSU
12.  Diamond Heights
13.  Glen Canyon
14.  Mission/Precita
15.  Potrero

You may notice that these neighborhoods are all west of I-280 and that I haven't walked any of the neighborhoods to the east of the highway.  Without getting into it, let's just say that safety statistics are not in my favor for walking alone in those neighborhoods.  So for the purposes of my challenge, my goal is to walk in every neighborhood west of the I-280 before the Avon Walk in June. Fair enough?  Good.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5.8 miles in Anza Vista and Northern Park

This is two walks in one.  Anza Vista is the northern half of this rectangle, Northern Park is the southern half.  There are differences between the two neighborhoods.

Anza Vista has more modern looking houses...

...where the residents throw away their lawns,

and cut their bushes into mullets.

Northern Park has older looking homes,

with convertables made out of duct tape,

and funny named laundromats.

One thing these two neighborhoods have in common: love for the arts.  Yes, that really is K-POO.

You know what's great in 2-D? A bicycle.

You know what else is great in 2-D? 100 Obamas.

Wait, are we talking about hepa filters?

The Independent is my favorite venue for the following reasons:
1.  They have pear cider at the bar.
2.  The bathrooms aren't that bad.
3.  I got to stand on stage here with Deer Tick (a/k/a the greatest band on earth).

MISSING: One naked hare krishna.

ALSO MISSING: The phone part of this pay phone.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

5.5 miles on Twin Peaks

 Twin Peaks is a famous neighborhood.  Well, a famous hill.

 Aptly named because there are in fact two peaks on the top.  You can spot this hill from pretty much anywhere in town.  It's distinct.

There is something else on the top of Twin Peaks that is distinct, but you might not notice it...

 Oh, wait.  Yes you would.

 Enough about the hill itself; let's talk about the views from the top.  When you visit, you can drive up to a nice tourist look-out area with a parking lot.  Then, if you so desire, you can climb up the summit of the peaks on foot.

 You are also free to explore the hill, but a note to pedestrians:  there are no sidewalks, so be aware of the cars!

 The views are pretty cool all the way around the hills.

The views are not just wasted on tourists.  There are plenty of houses down all sides of the hill.

The more affordable homes are along the west and south faces of the hill. 

The nicer houses are along the north and east faces, to grab views of the financial district and bay.  Ahh! I love this house.  It had me at white-washed brick.

Ooh! Can you find me?

First time I've run across one of these.  Someone explain, please.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

3.6 miles in La Lengua (The Mission)

This walk through La Lengua is dedicated to Burrito Justice.

"Lengua" must mean "mural" in Spanish.

This neighborhood is uberurban and covered with art.

Lilac Street is the crown jewel.  When you visit San Francisco, you MUST FIND LILAC STREET!

Among lots of other cool stuff, it's got Betty,

and this important message.

Oh, and it has this California Raisin totum pole.

Besides murals, this neighborhood offers some cool looking restuarants,

a Wig Factory,

and this place.  (Btw, I walked past around 6ish and it was closed.)

Oh, and we can't forget this little darling.  I see you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3.2 miles in Forest Hill Extension

My walk through Forest Hill Extension was short, I admit.  I didn't feel that great and the weather was iffy.  At some point in the middle of the walk, it started to rain so I opened my umbrella, which the wind immediatly grabbed and flipped inside out.  Yeah, I was that girl with the inside-out umbrella on the side of the road.

When it wasn't raining, however, the walk was beautiful.

The neighborhood is perched on a hill.  Or is it a knoll? Or a knob?  Hm.

The views are really cool from the top.  When I saw this, I couldn't help but hum, "Little boxes on the hillside..."

Very nice neighborhood all the way around with tidy yards,

well behaved pets,

close proximity to a Muni station,

a nice church,

rather large library,

and one of my favorite restaurants, Squat & Gobble.

The neighborhood has only one noteable flaw:
It's "IDORA AVE."  Oops!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

15.4 miles in Ingleside, Etc.

Yeah, this was a 15.4 mile walk.  NBD.  Actually, it was a huge deal.  It took me almost seven hours to walk it in the heat and on the hills.  Let's not understate the hills.

There were hills.  Like a laughable amount of steep hills.  And this is after I just swore I would never do an endurance walk on hills again. Fail.

Bygones.  This pocket of southwest San Francisco is divided into four neighborhoods:


Ingleside Terrace,

Merced Heights,

and Oceanview.

There are definite socio-economic differences between these neighborhoods.

Oceanview has buildings that look like this...

...while Ingleside Terrace has building that look like this.

I think the churches provide the greatest contrast.


Ingleside Terrace.

Despite their differences, all of these neighborhoods have common bonds:

1. Killer views.

2. Beautiful gardens.

3.  Well maintained public parks.

4.  Totally random stuff on their sidewalks.

4.1.  And in their yards.

4.2.  And on their fences.

4.3.  And in their yards AND on their fences.  (Yikes, dude.  We get it.)

5.  Passion for Christmas decorations.  In April.

For serious.

6. And last but not least, great libraries.

That's about it for this walk.

Yep, it's still 206.