Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4.5 miles in Outer Richmond

Sorry for the redundancy of being in the Outer Richmond again.  BUT...

I had to take advantage of the rare appearance of the sun!  Look at that gorgous orange ball in the sky!!  Well, not directly at it.  That would hurt your eyes. 

Without the fog, the sky looks so much bluer...

and the flowers so much brighter.

The best part was that I could walk without a sweater!

The bright light showed off the really cool textures of the sea cliffs.

I think the only one who wasn't enjoying the sunshine was this sad shovel.

I don't know what's going on here, but I like it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3.3 miles in Outer Richmond

I really like the Outer Richmond.  Have I said that before?

The best part about it is that it's right by the ocean.  Then again, the worst part about it is that it's right by the ocean.  Brrr!!!

My favorite street on this walk was Shore View Ave. although it may be better named "Arctic Blast Ave." because while I saw no shore, I could feel my nose go numb.

The houses on Shore View are right up my alley.

You know what's awesome?  The brick work on the fire station on 41st and Geary.

You know what's NOT awesome?  The intersection at 41st and Geary.  Pedestrian, beware!

A friend recommended I eat dinner at the Pacific Cafe.  Apparently lots of other people had the same idea.  The place was packed and I didn't have time to wait it out.  The menu looks great, so I'll definitely come back another time. 
Sooo...I walked down to Pagan at 33rd & Clement to give Burmese food a try.

Burmese food rules! It's a mix between Indian, Chinese and Thai.  So good!  This biryani rice made my night.  It complemented the curry beef perfectly.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 miles in South Park and Mission Bay

I walked to the Giants v. Mets game on Friday night.  Then after the game, I walked to where my husband parked our car, thus explaining the really strange route I took.

The first half of the walk (in the daylight) was to and in South Park, a tiny neighborhood between I-80 and Brannan Street.

Considering its close proximity to major freeways and the AT&T Stadium, South Park is surprisingly quiet and tidy.  It also has a really cute kids park.

This neighborhood is home to Jack London Street.  Jack London is the author of such American classics as The Call of the Wild and White Fang.  He was born here in 1876.
I paused the walk to watch the Giants beat the Mets: 1-0.  Whoot!

The walk to the car after the game was actually really nice.  The view of the ball park from across the water of Mission Bay is gorgeous.  The rest of the area was too dim to photograph but from what I could see, it was clean and new.

Mission Bay is home to a bunch of new condominium buildings and large corporate complexes including the Old Navy headquarters.  We approached the Old Navy building from their back yard.  With the interior lights on, we could see right into the cafeteria.  Oooohhh...

I personally dig the dining chairs.  Orange chairs rule!

Next time I walk through Mission Bay it will be during the day to get better exterior pictures. Until next time, enjoy these Panda hats:

They're better than cheese hats.

1 mile on Leavenworth Street

I took this walk on Tuesday and forgot to post it until now.  Oops.  We can call this walk down Leavenworth Street the "Corner Market Tour."  Leavenworth is a residential street that runs from really nice neighborhoods on Russian Hill straight down to the Tenderloin. 

Every corner on this street has a market.

This one has organic foods.  Yum!

This one has a deli.

This one is economic.  How handy!

Leavenworth Street is home to my favorite mural in the city.

It is also home to this very cool mural in the Tenderloin.

And more importantly, it's home to this welcoming establishment...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 miles in SoMa

I know, I know - SoMa again...But I needed to go to Whole Food's Market, and it's the closest one to my office.  I'm almost done with the neighborhood, I promise.

I took 1st Street down from Market and remembered why I didn't like SoMa:  the bus station.

Natoma Alley is definitely not a place to walk in the dark, but kinda cool in the daytime.  The end of the alley closest to 2nd Street actually has some nice restaurants tucked into it.  But the majority of the alley is underlit parking lots where I imagine thousands of creeps lurk under the cars.

I recognize this place!  It's the Department of State building where you get your passport.

I also recognize this place! The purpose of my walk.

24 Larabars and a loaf of Udi's GF Bread later, and I was back on the road to BART.

You know why 2nd Street is better than 1st Street?  No bus station.  AND, 2nd Street has this awesome sculpture blob at CBS Interactive.

I know this place too! Man, I'm on a roll.  Okay, Periera O'Dell is the marketing agency behind Muscle Milk, my new infatuation (second only to PajamaJeans).  Besides the funny viral music videos, they also are doing this super sweet augmented reality thing with special Muscle Milk bottles sold in Ohio. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

3 miles in SoMa

My opinion of SoMa increased dramatically this walk.  Unlike my SoMa walk last December, I found the neighborhood downright charming.  It could be that this time I wasn't walking in the dark.

Huge beautiful new buildings stand next to...

...scraps that once were huge beautiful new buildings a hundred years ago.

Really cool businesses have moved in, gentrifying the area.

But some hints of yesteryear remain.

One of the biggest properties between 4th and 5th Streets is the Salvation Army complex.  It's fancy!

What I love most about this area is the number of museums.  There's the Pioneer museum,

The Art & Design museum,

And the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Plus nearby on 3rd is the MoMa and closer to Market Street is the Craft Museum.  Love it!

Of course a major landmark in this neighborhood is the Moscone Convention Center where it appears seminars on intergalactic electricity are currently taking place.