Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AUGUST STATS: 26.2 miles

AUGUST: 26.2 miles

Whoo hoo!! I passed the 400 mile mark.  This is cause for celebration! And you know how I'm going to celebrate? By taking the week off to go to Florida. 

August was a very fine walking month.  My only foul was in re-walking 24th Street on my Mission walk last week.  My lust for a quesadilla blinded me to the fact I had already walked that entire course.  So that was wasted mileage.  The quesadilla was really good though, so not all was lost.

Have a great Labor Day holiday and I'll be back on the streets starting September 9th. 

3.6 miles in Sea Cliff

Ooh! You know how much I love analogies - well, here's a good one:  Los Angeles is to Beverly Hills as San Francisco is to ______________.

Sea Cliff is cool for four reasons:

1.  Big houses.

2.  Incredible views.

3.  Coyotes!

4.  Incredible views.

While the residents would prefer tourists stay away from their homes, the public is welcome to visit Lands End park accessible by El Camino Del Mar.

That's all for August.  I'm going to update my master map now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

3.4 miles in The Mission

When you're in a funk, stop what you are doing and head straight for 24th Street.

A walk down this street will change your mood instantly because it offers something for all of your senses.  Like the sense of adventure...

and the sense of humor...

and the sense of mystery (ooOOohh)...

and the sense of intrigue...

the sense of taste...

the sense of thrift (check this out - my whole meal at the Tonayense Taqueria was $2.19!)...

the sense of sheer delight in eating Humphry Slocombe ice cream on a hot day (a scoop of Nutter Fluffer and a scoop of Vietnamese Coffee, in case you were wondering)...

oh, yeah...and the sense of rhythm...

This is it folks: the world premier of my righteously low-fi videoing!  I just thought you needed to hear what I heard.  If this isn't too painful, I'll do it more often.  Let me know.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2.5 miles in Cow Hollow

This course was not accidental.  Sam and I were on a mission.  I'll get to that in a minute.

We planned our route to be as downhill as possible.

It didn't always work out.

It's okay, not only did we have a carrot at the end of our stick, we also enjoyed the neighborhood's gorgeous homes...

...and anti-poo signs.

There were also a few surprises along the way, like this Russian Consulate's office tucked between two houses...

...and vibrant landscaping in most yards.

We overcame some obsticles, which made our carrot that much tastier...

Yep, the prize at the end of the walk was a brunch at The Tipsy Pig...

...home of the best huevos rancheros in town...

...followed by a cupcake chaser at Kara's Cupcakes around the corner.

One cupcake is never enough, so we headed home with a box full.  Kara's, you may not know, makes the best gluten free cupcakes in the Bay Area.  (I'm going to test this claim by heading to Danville to try the cupcakes at Miglet's Gluten Free bakery, but until then, Kara's holds the crown.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1.2 miles on Ocean Beach

 Ocean Beach is the largest stretch of sand in San Francisco.  Every year, the Surfrider Foundation hosts a clean-up.  My brother, Kelly and I decided to help out.  He brought his camera, so the pics in this post are all courtesy of him.
Thank you, Kelly!

The clean-up was held last Saturday, August 14th.  Sorry for the tardiness of this post. :/

The sign-in process is simple: sign a waiver, agree not to touch drug needles with your hands, grab a set of gloves and a plastic bag.

Ocean Beach is surprisingly clean.  It took several minutes of searching to spot this cigarette butt.

I suspected the beach "residents" would be a source of litter.  But, no dice.

After collecting a few cigarette butts and one candy wrapper, I bent down to pet this adorable pup.

I then stood up, walked away and peered inside my bag to discover it was COMPLETELY EMPTY.  I went back to the pup petting spot.  No cigarette butts and no candy wrapper.  Where the H did my litter go?!  I had to start completely from scratch on filling my bag.  Dang it.

We decided to head north on the beach to the Sutro Baths.  Not so much to find litter, but to explore one of our favorite spots in town.

Lo and behold, we hit the litter jackpot at the Sutro Baths! The bushes along the hillside were full of all sorts of garbage - cigarette packs, beer bottles, food wrappers.

We collected a half bag of trash.  Yay! Beach clean-up success!

That hard work totally deserved a breakfast at Louis' (which I will forever call, "bacon with a view").

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2.8 miles in the Central Richmond

This was a shorty but goody walk in the Central Richmond.

The biggest building in this neighborhood is George Washington High School.

If the first and greatest victory is for a man to conquer himself...

...the second greatest victory is for man to conquer his litter.
The property of the high school is COVERED in litter. The question I ask is, why?!

The second question I ask is, is a pile of Stephen King paperbacks considered litter?

In addition to loving chai lattes, church steeples and sidewalk art, I also care a great deal for adverbs.  Any restaurant named with an adverb is a success in my book.

While we're on the topic of parts of speech, here's some fencing trivia for you: the word "phrase" means "a set of related actions and reactions in a fencing conversation." ("Conversation"...I'm trying very hard not to smirk right now.)

Ooh, good news! Only 131 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 miles in Outer Sunset

Look at me on a roll with all my five mile walks!  I don't know what's gotten into me this month.  Anyway, the reason why I decided to walk in this neighborhood was that I needed to return a library book and wanted to check out a new branch in the process.

As I was perusing the San Francisco Public Library website, I noticed the Ortega Library is under construction so service has been moved to a "mini library."  After watching the "Opulence, I has it" commercial from Direct TV with the mini giraffe, I'm totally into mini things.

THIS IS NOT IN THE OUTER SUNSET.  This is the smallest library on earth and it's in France.  I am hoping the Ortega Mini Library is as French and adorable as this one!

When I saw this Mini Market, I knew this was going to be a truly mini-themed walk.

There was a mini elephant on the wall...

...and a mini lady on the sidewalk.

There were shells on a mini driftwood Christmas tree...

...and a mini gnome in a window box.

By the time I got to the Library, I was super psyched!  The full size building is under construction so the mini library is behind, down a side street.  The anticipation welled inside me as I rounded the corner...

Aw, dang it!  This is the Ortega Mini Library...the end unit of a long school building.  My heart sunk as I took this picture, jostling the frame, which explains the blur.  It didn't look French or adorable at all.  This trip was a little anti-climactic.  BUT, I did return my book and I did see how the full-size library will look when it's finished: really super cool.  I'll come back when the full-size library is open for business.