Monday, January 31, 2011

2.2 miles around the SF Zoo

This is a reprint of my Ocean Beach Bulletin post from earlier this month:

I thought I would be slick and walk a tidy loop around the zoo before entering, only to realize (the hard way) that Armory Road is not open to any traffic, pedestrian or otherwise.  Sooooo….I had to sheepishly turn around and walk ALL the way back around to enter the zoo parking lot from the north.  DO NOT DO THIS WALK!  Just park in the lot.  You’ll do plenty of walking inside the zoo.

Ah, the San Francisco Zoo! I’ve been twice since I moved here and loved it both times.  Before we move on to the next picture I need to note that I LOVE my new shirt from @walksf.If you aren’t familiar with Walk San Francisco, you should be because they do a great job of advocating pedestrian safety across the city.

The saving grace to the walk of shame around the zoo
was the mural outside the Janet Pomeroy Center and…

…there was tons of random junk on the sidewalk and in the bushes around the zoo.  This collection was my personal favorite.  Look closely for the fez hat!

I’ve been to plenty of zoos around the country and I firmly believe the San Francisco Zoo is the most attractive.  The landscape makes every animal paddock look like a post card. 

One corner of the zoo that I hadn’t ventured the first visit was the Children’s Zoo.  Holy smokes, it is fun!  I LOVE barnyard animals so I had fun brushing the goats and sheep with the tools provided.  Unlike most petting zoos, this one is large enough that visitors can stay as long as they want
and even help out with chores like grooming and scooping poo.

Another nifty San Francisco Zoo experience was the Bald Eagle presentation outside the Penguin tank.  Nothing inspires kids (and me) to pursue the field of ornithology
like a good discussion about our national bird.

If gorgeous scenery, lovable goats and science lessons aren’t reason enough to visit the San Francisco Zoo, consider this: the food is pretty darn good!  I got a cheeseburger for $4.99 and a cup of hot chocolate for $2.29 and they were both above average.  I’ve now been to this zoo twice, and look forward to going again.  If you haven’t been yet, go!  You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and follow @sfzoo on Twitter; they post really fun tweets about the goingson of the animals.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2.3 miles on Russian Hill

Am I done with Russian Hill yet?!  I don't want to be a complainer, but this hill is soooooo hard to walk. Ugh.

I tried to distract myself from thinking about my burning thigh muscles by focusing on the fun happening inside the local establishments.

Interesting name for a nail salon.

This neighborhood is dominated by fairly swanky apartment buildings. 
I like this lobby.

Yeah, this was weird.  Inside the front door of what appears to be a private residence is what looks to be a gigantic counter that was increasing very rapidly.  National debt counter, maybe?

Whoa, people - the tree is still up?  This photo was taken January 24th.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Video - Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I recently watched the documentary,
and decided to go on a hunt for them.  Here's how the trip went:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1.3 miles in Japantown

This was really more of a shopping trip than a walk.  That said, I still clocked over a mile.  Shopping is hard work.

You know you are in Japantown when you see...

1) the Japantown banners;

2) the huge peace pagoda; and

3) the internment memorial.

Oh, and there's also a large mall divided into three buildings along Post Street that includes a large movie theater and lots of fun places to shop and eat.

Japantown is the place to go if you want tea cups.

Well, any kind of porcelain ware, really.

This is my favorite plate.  I love eat.

Holy smokes, if you come for nothing else - you must see the origami gallery at the Paper Tree on Sutter.  The snail will blow your mind. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 miles in Pacific Heights

Welcome back to Pacific Heights.  To differentiate from my previous walk in 2009, we'll call this the "up-and-down-and-up-and-down-the-really-steep-hill" walk.

If you want to see beautifully painted houses, this is the neighborhood.

The apartment buildings are even very attractive.

Union Street to the north is lined with really cute stores and restaurants and a TON of hair salons.

One of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood is the Octagon House (now a museum) built in 1861.  According to Wiki, the walls are made of cement and etched to look like bricks.  I'm kinda curious what it looks like inside, and may just need to come back for a tour...

Another oldie but goodie on this walk is the Fillmore Street stairway installed in 1915.  The rise of these steps is awkwardly short, so I figured out (halfway up the hill) that it's comfier to take the steps two at a time.

Ooh!  Okay.  This is dorky to admit, but I got excited when I spotted the bookmobile. 

You know what else was exciting to spot?...

...the Karavan!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2.6 miles in Cow Hollow

Welcome to Cow Hollow.

This neighborhood is quintessential San Francisco. 
The houses are super well maintained...

...and Union Street is lined with classy stores and restaurants.

I love that this neighborhood nods respectfully to yesteryear with its neon signs.

Question: What qualifies a place as a motor inn - a parking lot?

They aren't kidding about the palms.  The pool area is small but lush with palms.  So tropical!

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with you, other than it's magnificent.

But nothing is as magnificent as the destination of my walk - Kara's Cupcakes! If you haven't been - go.  The cupcakes are amazing. And...they have gluten free cupcakes which are also amazing. I'm off to go eat one now.  Have a swell evening!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 miles in the Sunset

Hey, look! I'm STILL plodding away out in the Sunset.

I brought Mai along to spice up the walk.

We were pleasantly surprised that the neighborhood is pretty darn charming. 

I mean, check out this paint job! I'm definitely calling Don Buckter the next time I need a house painted.

Mai thinks this building on Irving and 26th was in a movie.  Can anyone confirm this?

The neighborhood isn't entirely residential.  There are a few stores and a bunch of salons and restaurants on Judah.  This store looks pretty cool.  I'm going to come back when it's open to check it out.

Oh, and there's also a tattoo parlor.  This is Lefty's.  I'm a lefty myself so I think this place is extra awesome.

Walking in the near freezing temps made us hungry so by 24th,we started looking for a place to eat.  This place was a contender until we looked at the menu and discovered it's entirely desserts.

Mai has been to Kevin's before, so we decided to stick with a standard: pho.

I almost got brave and ordered the soda egg.  Almost.

Who knew this neighborhood was such a party scene?