Monday, February 28, 2011

2.5 miles in Pacific Heights

I took a poll around the office and the consensus was that I could call this neighborhood Pacific Heights.  Do you agree?

I have to admit to you right now that I was preoccupied on a phone call while I walked this route and didn't take many pictures.  The horse mural caught my attention.

So did the Black Magic mural.  The wolfman knuckles are pretty spooky.

This place does it all.

So true.

Friday, February 25, 2011

3.4 miles in the Mission

This course is wonky for the following reasons: 1) I was aiming for a smoothie stand; 2) the street got very steep post-smoothie purchase so I aborted my planned course in favor of walking downhill on Dolores to check out the Castro Library.  It has a fireplace!

I was in the mood for a smoothie as I started my walk, so I headed toward Yelp favorite, Sidewalk Juice.  Unfortunately, while Yelp says Sidewalk is open until 7pm, the fellow inside begged to differ when I arrived at 6:15.  Apparently they close at 6:00pm during the winter. :/ 

All was not lost, I wandered up Valencia and got a very fine smoothie at Herbivore.

While sipping on my smoothie, I enjoyed looking at the street art in the neighborhood.

This fence is quite something.

It appears to be an ongoing collaborative effort.

Who needs the other 45 reasons?

Only in the Mission.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1.6 miles in Visitacion Valley

Alright, so initially when I contrived this whole "walking every street" thing, I didn't really mean to include streets east of the 280.  BUT, I've rethought things and a deal is a deal.  Every street means EVERY street.  So I decided to give the Visitation neighborhood a look-see. 

Yes, this Visitacion.

While some of the establishments and homes are a tad depressed...

...the majority are not.  This house could be anywhere in the city.
And check out this ride!

There is definitely a unique charm to this neighborhood.

It has something to do with the signage.

A gentlemen in the street informed me that this place serves the best fried fish on the street.  (From what I could see, it is the ONLY place that serves fried fish on the street.)

Oh, and if you haven't seen this before, head over to the corner of Leland and Bay Shore Blvd. to see this tree fashioned out of parking meters.

Monday, February 21, 2011

4.1 miles in Outer Sunset

This is a walk I took last weekend when the weather was perfectly awesome.  Not this weekend when it was not.

I wrote about an abridged course in this neighborhood over at Ocean Beach Bulletin.  Go check out my pictures of the Pizza Place on Noriega, Noriega Produce, Polly Ann's Ice Cream then come back here to see these bonus pics from the extended walk:

Okay, I hate to be a stickler, but this quote is actually attributed to the 16th Century German  Reformer, Martin Luther.  It's a really good quote, though.  I've used it myself before.

Speaking of planting things, this plant is fantastic.  I'd love to know what it's called.

Over at Ocean Beach Bulletin, I talk about visiting the Mini Ortega library.  Well, here's an inside shot.  It is most definitely mini.  There are a total of four bookshelves lining the tiny space. (FYI "Hot Hot Hot Titles" include one or more of the following terms: "fang," "bitten," "immortal," "twilight," "midnight," "moonlight" and/or "spell.")

And back to planting things, what is this plant called?  I've seen them before, but never this tall.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2.8 miles in the Inner Richmond

On the official scale known globally as "Would Allison Baltzersen Live Here," the Inner Richmond gets a five out of five.  I love this hood!  The houses are really charming and... has everything you need, from a showroom of lamps... free comforter giveaways.

It also has a high incidence of Thai restaurants. (Extra point for that!)

It has an old timey motel for guests...

...and a brand spankin' new library for locals.

Oh, and it is home to the large Star of the Sea elementary school.

I realized tonight that after a year and a half of walks, I have yet to give proper love to the Bay Area's own See's Candies.  So here it is: See's Chocolate is mighty fine! My personal favorites are the candies called Toffee-ettes.  What's really fun is to watch the girls behind the counter rapidly assemble a variety box of chocolates to your specs... it's an artform.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JANUARY STATS: 18.4 miles

JANUARY: 18.4 miles
SINCE I STARTED:  478.2 miles

This month I made a lot of progress in the Marina district
and Russian Hill because I discovered the awesomeness
of the 41Union bus.  I walked pretty much everywhere that route took me. 
So in February, I'm going to pick a different bus line to walk around. 
Which one should I choose?  (Please don't say the 8X!)