Monday, April 25, 2011

2.7 miles in Noe Valley

I feel like I've walked this neighborhood ten times now, but my official map says otherwise. Huh...

Well, if I'm going to have Groundhog Day walks,
at least they're in an attractive neighborhood. 

There is a good deal of street art, some sanctioned...

...and some not.

The stores along 24th Street are great.

This is my favorite store.  I insist that everyone walk through just once.  You won't be the same when you come out.

I've walked past the Noe farmers market before, but never went in to check it out until this weekend.  And the verdict is: it's perfect. 
Small, but completely sufficient. 
They even have a great dried fruit stand. (FYI, I'm addicted to dried fruits.)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1.4 miles in the Design District

This was a perfect walk.  Short, but packed with interesting things to see.

The Design District lives up to its name. Large warehouses line the streets filled with nifty furnishings, clothing and flooring.

The backs of the the buildings look like they've seen a lot of shipments.

Some buildings in the area are old...

...and some are new.  Check out Roche Bobois if you are in the market for some incredibly extravagant furniture.

While most places appeared to be closed when I passed by on Saturday morning, Restoration Hardware was open to the public.  I so want a new set of patio furniture now.  Thanks a lot, Restoration.

True story: I attended a party inside the Galleria last year and lost my ID somewhere in the monstrous building.  Two days later, someone called to say they found it.  Yay for the honest folks of San Francisco!

This neighborhood is interesting.  In some ways it feels very exclusive and closed to the general public...but then a button like this comes along.


Monday, April 11, 2011

2.7 miles in Inner Richmond/Presidio Terrace

This walk was mostly in the Inner Richmond, but the best part of the walk was in the little circular neighborhood called Presidio Terrace.

I spend quite a bit of my free time in the Inner Richmond.  I like the restaurants in this neighborhood and I love Green Apple Books.

The transition between the Inner Richmond and Presidio Terrace is pretty clear.  Houses look like this outside the gate...

...and then inside the gate...

...they suddenly look like this.

A little bit of an upgrade, I guess.

I NEED THIS HOUSE.  Unfortunately, it's currently inhabited by some lady name Diane Feinstein.  Whatever.

These hearts are installed all over the city in very public locations like Union Square.  But this little gem is standing in a private lawn inside Presidio Terrace.  I think this makes my photo exclusive.  oooOOOOooohhhh.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

0.8 miles in Western Addition

My sister-in-law, Sam and her baby joined me on this one, so we kept the walk short and kept our eye on the prize:
The Margaret S. Hayward Playground.
As we headed west on Eddy, I spotted this huge garden in the middle of the very urban neighborhood.  And you know how I feel about neighborhood gardens...

What's this? Free food?!  I don't understand how this works and I'm skeptical of anything free.  So, someone please share with me how exactly this garden works.  Is it free food in exchange for weed pulling?  I need to know!
Jackpot! The playground was completely empty so we had the pick of all the rides. I have not been on a swing in approximately 15 years.  So I gave it a try...And proceeded to get completely nauseous. 
How do kids do it?
If you are under the age of 12 and into slides, like one member of our party, you are going to love this playground - it has six different slides, some straight, some spiral, all fun.
Sorry, pooch - no dogs allowed in this park. :/

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1.9 in the Marina District

Truth: I took this walk in March but forgot to post it.  Oh, well...count it toward April.  This was one of those magnificently warm evenings we were blessed with at the end of the month.

The Marina District is a perfect neighborhood
to tool around on a warm evening.

This is my favorite house in the neighborhood. 
I love the textures and shapes.

Chestnut Street rules.  Have I told you that before?  There is so much fun shopping and eating to be had, I could have window shopped all night.  Just FYI - do whatever you can to avoid parking in this area. There are about 2 spots for every 10 cars looking.

I'm a big fan of The Tipsy Pig.  Especially brunch on the weekends.  Yum!

The Marina Supermarket is a (not so little) gem.  I stopped in to pick up some ingredients for dinner and was surprised to see how big the building is inside.  It's pretty much a full-size grocery store with a nice selection of gourmet items.

MARCH STATS: 11.9 miles

MARCH 2011: 11.9 miles
SINCE I STARTED: 504.5 miles

It rained this month.  A lot.  I took one walk entirely in the rain, and I had to cut two short because the weather was so bad.  So, in conclusion, my mileage is low this month due to the weather.  That said, March was not a total bust because I did hit the milestone of my 500th mile on my Barbary Coast Trail walk, and I visited Potrero Hill and discovered it's a really cool, fun neighborhood to walk.  Here's hoping April is drier so I can make more discoveries!