Saturday, October 29, 2011

2.6 miles in West Portal

 Well, hello again, West  Portal.  You know how I love you so.

 I have tried several of the restaurants along West Portal Ave. and have yet to be disappointed.
 This neighborhood has something for everyone.

Including some unique Halloween decorations,
bizarre little trucks,
and an adequate dose of irony.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1.4 miles in Hayes Valley

 Oh, man! I get a C- for posting promptly. 
Sorry, I took this walk back on Columbus Day.

 Or Canadian Thanksgiving, whichever you prefer.

Despite the rain, I got some decent shots of the neighborhood.

 The houses are very 'San Franciscan.'
And Hayes Street is lined with some of the hippest little shops and restaurants.  I stopped in Fiddlesticks to buy a bunch of baby clothes for my Dumplin' Bean.  Extremely cute stuff in there!
I'm almost done walking Hayes Valley, but I do look forward to heading back there on a dry day to finish hitting every street of this neighborhood!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2.5 miles in Fort Funston

Oopsie doopsie... I took this walk back in July for the Ocean Beach Bulletin and forgot to post it on my own blog.  Go check out all my nifty hang glider photos over in my OBB column.  After you read this blog post, of course.

 For this post, I'll just focus on the dogs of Fort Funston.  Despite it being a rather dangerous place for pooches, tons of people bring their dogs to run around this park.
 There are little dogs...

There are big dogs...

And there are curious dogs.  As well as curious brothers. (My brother, Kelly, wanted to know what was inside the bunker.  He found a way in through the back - camera right - and reported that the bunker has been the home to many a vagabond and teen drinking party.  In other words, it's grody in there).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5.5 miles - Glide Bridge to Bridge

It's the first week in October, so you know what that means?

This is my third Bridge to Bridge.  
I walked the 12k in 2009 and tried to run the 12k in 2010 .
This year, I decided to take it easy by only walking the 7k with friends.
We took it reeealy easy by stopping mid-race for lattes.

We were so slow, we ended up behind the sweeper trucks. :/  

Oh, well.  We couldn't resist stopping to take in the views.

 I knew the Exploratorium was moving from the Palace of Fine Arts, I just didn't know where.  This location is going to be great!
We ended the 7k walk with a time of 1:38.  Yeah, that's right: 24 minute miles.  Ha!  Who cares, it was fun and for a good cause: the Special Olympics. 

After the walk, we tooled around the finish line expo to pick up free samples, including chocolate milk.  I don't know about it's refueling value, but it is a tasty treat. 

Monday, October 3, 2011


SEPTEMBER 2011: 10.4 miles
SINCE I STARTED: 562.5 miles

Annika and I walked over 10 miles this month which wasn't too darn bad considering it was HOT!  September did not disappoint in the totally disgusting humidity department.  Hopefully October will be cooler so we can get out more often.