Monday, December 19, 2011

2.2 miles in the Inner Richmond

 I'm baaaAAAaaack!  I never left the city, I just had to take some time off of walking while I figured out how to balance my work and family life now that we have Dumplin Bean in the mix.  Part of the solution was transitioning to a part-time work schedule which opens up a few afternoons a week.  Like today!
 The bean and I headed to the Inner Richmond on the hunt for Grade-A Christmas decorations.

 Sadly, this neighborhood did not deliver.

 I think it says something about holiday spirit when the most decorated place in a six-block radius is The Heath.
 We didn't let the lack of cheer get us down, though.  
We found plenty of interesting things to look at.

Especially at this house.  I always marvel at homes that put random crap on display in the front window.  Who are they intended for? 
Me, I assume.

Merry Christmas to you if I don't get another walk in this week!