10 miles in Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights

Drum roll, please...I did a ten mile walk! Dang.  It was hard too.  I thought the neighborhood was more level than it turned out to be.  Those hills are doozies!  The view was great though.

I should clarify - what I could see through the fog was great.  The fog actually made the experience interesting.  Since it's Halloween today, the fog made creepy decorations look even creepier.


I guess I should address the obvious - the houses in Presidio Heights are big.

Alright, they're HUGE.

Of all of them, I kind of like this one the best.  It's got a Charles Dickens charm about it.

This neighborhood abuts the Presidio which is a huge park area with winding paths, beaches and sports fields.


Aside from the houses being large, the yards are very well manicured.

I'm a sucker for roses.

This neighborhood has gained a reputation for giving good candy at Halloween so most houses in the area have great decorations for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy.

I love this sidewalk cemetary.

I could have lived without this one.  Eek.

This one too...

There are some great schools tucked into this neighborhood. 

Surprisingly low profile...

Well, except for this one.

I'm a big fan of sidewalk chalk.  "RIP Donald Duck."

Why, yes I do.


  1. CONGRATS ON TEN MILES!!!! So proud of you :)

    Also - I love all the fog for Halloween - spooky!!!

  2. Um, that doll strapped to the tree is disturbing. So is evil "duckicidal" Mickey Mouse. I don't think I would walk in that neighborhood again. :P


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