2.6 Miles in West Portal

I took this walk wayyyyyy back in September and am just now posting it. Eek! Better late than never.  This was the third walk of a three-walk day over Labor Day weekend which was surprisingly fruity and ended at a fantastic meal in West Portal with one of my dear friends from the city.

The neighborhood between Ulloa and Santiago Streets on the north side of West Portal is charming.  Look past the spider web of power lines and you'll notice the streets are quiet and although limited, the curb foliage is surprisingly fruity.

Zigzagging along these streets, I spotted pears, lemons, plums and some other little fruits growing on trees that line the sidewalks.  They look great and make the air smell sweet which is a nice treat.

Passing by this tree and taking a big whiff, I broke into song: Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet...

It couldn't be helped.

The walk ended on West Portal Ave, one of my favorite little strips of San Francisco because it has a great variety of shops and restaurants with a good library and Muni stop all conveniently located. 

After walking about 9 miles that day and only snacking along the way, it was a real treat to chow down on a Mediterranean feast at Bursa with my great friend, Bob.  This restaurant has great vegetarian options and some of the strongest Turkish coffee in the western hemisphere.  Ha! I can't wait to go back. 


  1. A little slice of the city that resembles the old days!

    The fruit trees are new.


  2. Oops! I'm told my memory is faulty... there were curb side trees in the 60s!



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