2.2 miles in Outer Sunset

I planned on walking through the Outer Richmond today but the Nike Women's Marathon booths were blocking traffic and parking up there so I decided to keep working on the Outer Sunset.  My sister-in-law joined me, along with my nephew in his stroller so we kept the walk to a reasonable length. 

The neighborhoods between Judah and Lincoln appear to be a little more worn than those south of Judah.  Most buildings have charm...

...but we found a few that don't.

This is a pretty nifty mural.

We noticed alot of carvings in the cement in this area.  This one is very San Franciscan.

I wonder if Milt ever apologized...

We also noticed that this neighborhood is home to a lot of funky cacti.  This one was the funkiest.

There are also a lot of random items on the sidewalks.  This bike is just shy of a few parts.

And this monitor looks rather lonesome.  :(

I was tempted to make an offer...

...until I looked more closely at the driver's seat.  Other than that, it's a beauty.

The last leg of the today's walk was on the sidewalk along the Great Highway.  I love the view along that road.


  1. 1) Very impressed you walk with your hair down - very brave!

    2) The cacti look funny. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Um, can you tell that I shouldn't have walked with my hair down? The wind did me absolutely no favors.


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