2.4 miles in Jackson Square

I start alot of my walks from my office but realized after reviewing my walking routes that I haven't actually walked all the streets immediately around my office building.  I'm glad I finally did because I discovered a bunch of really cool things.

For starters, there are a bunch of really old government buildings, including the Custom House...

...and the original Federal Reserve Building.  The new Federal Reserve building is on Market Street and has a superior vault system, the main reason for moving out of this building.

This neighborhood also has a bunch of public sculptures and murals.  This one is called "Yin and Yang."

This one is apparently too corporate. :(

This one appears to be a collaborative effort and is still in progress...

This one is my favorite.

I love the little shops in this area too.  After the Avon walk (when I can get a pedicure again) I want to go to this place.  Sooooo cute!

This pillow amuses me.

The story goes that two carrot heiresses (yes, their family owns one of the biggest carrot farms in the county) are fashionistas and decided to open a trendy boutique.  Guess what they called it.

Ooh! I found another one of these suckers!  I wonder how many there are around town?  I should look into and make sure I get a picture of them all.

This corner of the sidewalk really did need a little something.

I wonder if they are still together?...

I heard from a coworker that Mr. Toads Tours is really fun, even for locals.  It's going on my to do list.


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