3.5 miles on Telegraph Hill

Tonight I just meandered where the wind took me and it took me to the top of Telegraph Hill.  I am so pumped that I climbed the hill and didn't feel like barfing at the top.  I was a bit winded but not like I was two months ago.  This is progress!


As I was leaving my office, I ran over to Justin Herman Plaza to see how the ice rink is coming along.  It opens tomorrow and will stay open until January 3rd!

I wonder if the Desperate Housewives are hanging out inside there.

You know the hill is starting to get steep when they have to tell you how to park your car.

This picture fails to do justice to the view from the top.  The hill is covered in houses so it's hard to get a clear view from the street level.  Of course, there is one important trip to take when I'm feeling really spunky - and that is to the top of Coit Tower that protrudes hundreds of feet from the top of Telegraph Hill.  The view from there is fan-freakin-tastic. 

On the way down the hill, I got hit by these wafts of a-mazing baked dough smell.  The smell got stronger as I approached this place.  And while I accept my celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, this was one of those rare times when I really wanted to punch gluten in the face.  I WANT THIS PIZZA. Sigh...


Instead of letting the gluten get me down, I focused on the other really cool stuff in the neighborhood.  I spent a few minutes perusing Lola and fell madly in love.  Really cute baby clothes and nifty gifts.  If you want unique cupcake papers, this is the place to go!

This place needs more inventory.

Ooh! If you are ever in the market for paper wedding cakes (?!?), this is the place to go!

And if you are in the market for a lapdance, THIS is the place to go.

My heart skips a beat when I see holiday stationary.  Aaah, I'm in love.

Um,  apparently Local 2 is not happy with the Palace Hotel.


  1. Paper wedding cakes....now that's a unique niche to get into.......

  2. Jazzy thinks it's fondent but I don't know...To add to the confusion, the space they were in did not look like a bakery. There were desks in the middle of the room. So weird.


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