8.3 miles in Noe Valley

Noe Valley is west of the Mission and south of the Castro.  It's one of the neatest neighborhoods I've seen so far.  Seriously, I would live here in an instant. 

[As an aside regarding the logistics of my walk, I tried so hard to plan a course that was on flat land but when I got to the neighborhood I realized I did not succeed.  I should have thought a little harder about how an area gets the name 'valley'...it is a low area between two or more hills.  So, my walk ended up being something like the inside of a half pipe.  Up one side, then down and up the other side and then down.  Hardcore hill workout. :( ]

The houses are fairly uniform in size and upkeep.  Although each one has its own unique identity.

Most have fresh coats of paint on them to really make them pop.

This one wins the "most colors of paint" award.

This one wins the "most Hawaiian door" award...

...and these houses win the "most number of steps to the front door" award.

Oh, and this one wins "best patio furniture" award.

Automobiles are in this contest too.  This one wins for best paint job.

This one wins for most attitude.

This house does not love the renaming of Army Street to 'Cesar Chavez Street.'

Make OJ, not war.

There is a darling stretch of 24th Street between Dolores and Sanchez that is lined with cafes and shops.  On Saturday they had a farmer's market down one of the alleys.  LOVE IT.

This is a great toy store.

The crosswalks are very informative.

I can only wonder how long that shoe has been stuck in that window well.  Any ideas?

This isn't actually in Noe Valley.. I took this picture from my car while heading home.  I just thought I would share it with you because I love those big retro 76 signs.


  1. Maybe I should go for the "Most Hawaiian Door" for Michigan ;)


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