1.6 miles in Inner Sunset

This walk seemed like a good idea on paper.  I thought 36 hours was enough time to recover from my long Saturday walk...until I started up the first hill and my calf muscles began to revolt.  My legs were so uncomfy, I couldn't really enjoy the neighborhood and ended up taking entirely random pictures.  I apologize in advance for the lack of coherency of this blog post.


This walk takes over where Saturday's left off.  Where Saturday's walk was on the west side of 19th Avenue, this was on the east side.  19th Avenue is a pretty hectic street, btw.  Traffic was off the chain tonight.  These homes line 19th and I have no idea how any of them safely back their vehicles out of their garages and into traffic.

Nothing completes manicured landscaping like an anti-poo sign.

Happy Ides of March!

This raises more questions than answers.

When I got home tonight, I saw a glorious envelope from Avon Walk:  my prize pack arrived!!  I got the prize pack for winning the February fundraising challenge (the challenge was to raise $500 in one month and I totally did it!).  Forget the socks and shoe laces, I'm stoked about the Foot Care Advice pamphlet!


  1. 1) Where can I get myself one of those anti-poo signs?

    2) Congrats on the prize pack and share any good tips on happy feet with me!!!


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