2 miles on Nob Hill

I learned my lesson last month - when walking on a hill, keep it under three miles.  Honestly, this walk was a piece of gluten free cake compared to that wretched Russian Hill walk in February.

The housing on the north side of the hill is typical.

The views are pretty great.

The sidewalks tell a story.

I've never seen so much sidewalk art in one walk before.

I don't know what it means but I like it!

The murals are very nice too.

My favorite in the entire city.  LOVE IT.

Two noteworthy spots...The Chinese Recreation Center,

and the Cable Car Museum.

Since it was open, I took a gander.  These wheels pull the cable cars all over the city.  Amazing technology for...


In case you have never had Rice-a-Roni, this is a San Francisco cable car and the cords that the wheels pull are inside the metal tracks in the pavement.  Yes, you have to ride one when you visit (just don't do it during rush hour because residents do use them to commute to work).

You know what this is?  A party.

Interesting history.

When in doubt, double down.


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