3 miles in the Mission

E is for Easy.  This was probably one of the easiest walks I've ever done.  Flat  ground + stimulating enviornment + bright daylight = awesometown.


I've walked in the Mission before, and I'll be walking in it again.  It's a big neighborhood and probably one of those most distinct in cultural flavor.

The Mission has a strong latin history that makes the neighborhood culture strong today.

Because of the large population of working class residents, the streets are lined with affordable housing, taquarias, clothing shops and thrift stores. (As a side note, my mother in law found her halloween costume at the Thrift Town when she visited last October.  She went as Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies.)

How much cheaper do we really need to go?

Where there is cheap rent, there are artists.

So as you walk the streets of the Mission, you will see how active the artists in the area have been.

There are murals here...

and there...

and everywhere.

And where there are artists, there will be hipsters who are not artists but who move in, gentrify the neighborhood and raise the rent.  San Francisco has a love-hate relationship with hipsters.

I personally like them because they do bring really great restaurants to the neighborhood.

And a little good, clean charm.

This is not an actual Gratitude Cafe location.  I think this is a distribution kitchen or something.  Check out their website for locations and stop in one sometime.  It's a unique concept because it's not just about the organic food, it's about the philosophy of liking yourself and others.  So when you order, you are encouraged to order by the actual menu name.  For instance, the cheesy rice is called 'I am a winner' and the caesar salad is 'I am dazzling.'  It's a lot of fun.

You know what's not fun?

Whatever is going on here. :(


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