5 miles in the Marina District

Unlike South Beach's noteable lack of a beach, the Marina District does in fact have a marina.

A gorgeous marina, with a yacht club and all.

The marina is on the north shore of San Francisco, within eyesight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Along Marina Blvd, runs a VERY well used jogging path.  I traversed said path during the Glide Bridge to Bridge 12K in October.

There are a few large parks in this area.

All of them well used.  This is a seriously athletic neighborhood!

This is not, however, a dog-tolerant neighborhood.

What?! Dog poop would lower the classiness of this yard.  We CANNOT tolerate that.

The houses.  I guess we should talk about those. (Note the view in the background.)

They are really pretty swell.  I love this architecture.

And this one spoke to me.  It said, "Allison, when you have $4million in the bank, come buy me."

This house spoke German to me.

And this one, French, I think.  (It's a very multi-lingual neighborhood.)

This is the only school I happened past.

Oohh! I will stop in one day.

Alright, that's all for now.  I will leave you with this burning question:

Does ANYONE use a phone book these days?


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