3.7 miles in Bernal Heights

I'm going to say this right away: this walk kinda sucked for the following reasons: 1) I fell down; and 2) I got rained on.  I'm fine and it's not the neighborhood's fault. I pulled some muscles in my right arm and embarrassed myself.  I had an umbrella in my bag so I finished the walk without getting totally soaked. 

Just to get your bearings, this neighborhood is the north face of Bernal Heights.  I walked the south face in December.

There is something really quaint about this neighborhood...and I think it's because Precita Park runs through the middle.

There is also something really funky about this neighborhood...and I think this van is responsible.

There are murals all over the place.  This school has the largest.

Wait, what are they teaching at this school?

You see this kind of thing all over this area.  Love it!

I suffered up all the steep streets to get the great view I know is up there.

But there was that rain thing... :(

Eh, who needs a view of the skyline when you can see this awesomeness parked right next to the sidewalk?

I will leave you with this blue jay to admire.  Have a great day!


  1. Sorry you fell! If it's any consolation, the map of your walk kinda looks like a cave drawing of an anteater.

  2. re: vicarious walks

    Taking suggestions?

    This walk is about as close as you've come to my favorite 'mini' walk, ie Precita Park to Aztec & Coso via Bessie. Probably all of .3 miles.

    But... a few interesting features- a little elevation, man-made accommodations, a plaque and a great view!


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