5.1 miles on Russian Hill

This is more than just a Russian Hill walk.  The second half of the walk filled in some gaps in my map and got me back to BART.  So, really it covers a bit of North Beach and the Embarcadero.  I'm just going to show you pictures of Russian Hill, though.  Here goes:

This is one of the most challenging parts of town to walk.  Most of the sidewalks look like this...

and this...

and this.  Do you see a pattern? Here's what I have learned about Russian Hill:

1)  People live on Russian Hill for the views.

Becuase they are REALLY great views.

(This one isn't too bad either.)

2) Smart people don't walk uphill.  They take the cable car.

3) Residents of Russian Hill are physically fit.  This place, btw, is a huge gym inside a converted theater.  Poke your head in sometime.  It was so cool, it almost made me want to hop on a stair-climber...almost.

4) And, judging from the people I passed, residents of Russian Hill are happy people.

Have a great day!


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