2.8 miles in the Central Richmond

This was a shorty but goody walk in the Central Richmond.

The biggest building in this neighborhood is George Washington High School.

If the first and greatest victory is for a man to conquer himself...

...the second greatest victory is for man to conquer his litter.
The property of the high school is COVERED in litter. The question I ask is, why?!

The second question I ask is, is a pile of Stephen King paperbacks considered litter?

In addition to loving chai lattes, church steeples and sidewalk art, I also care a great deal for adverbs.  Any restaurant named with an adverb is a success in my book.

While we're on the topic of parts of speech, here's some fencing trivia for you: the word "phrase" means "a set of related actions and reactions in a fencing conversation." ("Conversation"...I'm trying very hard not to smirk right now.)

Ooh, good news! Only 131 days until Christmas!


  1. What a great concept! Here are some links to some other walkers I followed, you may even know them!
    Both have been completed but there may be some inspiration there.

  2. I went to Washington. A teacher there picked up all the change he found on campus for an entire school year and made over $300, it may have been over $400. It's been a long time, and it's become difficult to remember. Some of the trash is from the students, but a lot is blown there on the wind and gets trapped in the overgrown foliage.


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