2.6 miles in the Central Richmond

Are you getting tired of the Richmond District yet? I hope not because I kinda like my orderly approach to completing this neighborhood.  The sun is starting to set earlier now and I had to work late tonight so we're going to entitle this walk, "The Richmond After Dark."  OoooOOOOohhh.

Yep.  This is the Richmond after the sun sets.  Wild, eh?

Aside from a few shops and restaurants, the streets are pretty dark.
 A few points of interest are:

1) the Star movie theater,

2) the pizzaria on California and 23rd (glutenous smells of awesome were wafting out the door at me, making me soooo hungry),

and 3) Pho Garden, where I had to stop because I was soooo hungry.

Pho Garden is home to the Pho Challenge.  This picture doesn't do the scale justice.  I maxed out about 1/2 through my "small" order of pho.  The challenge bowl (in the background) is realistically six times the size of my bowl, maybe even bigger.  That said, there is a whole wall of poloroids of Pho Champions.  I can't comprehend consuming that much broth in one sitting.

This, my friends, is the Video Cafe.  It looks pretty amazing.  The movies appear to be as outdated as the chrome-rimmed tables.  I sorta want to try eating here some time.  Who's in?

And this may have just become my new favorite sidewalk stenciling. 

That's all for now.  Have a great night!


  1. That cafe kinda looks like the one from Cocktail, but I thought that movie was set in NYC. Weird.

  2. Never really though of nighttime for this kind of walking but you have done a great jobof it!


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