2.7 miles in Tendernob

Yeah, I said it...Tendernob.  This neighborhood is smashed between Nob Hill and the Tenderloin and stuffed full of art students.  Let's start with the awesome and work our way down... 

So the primary purpose of this walk was to check out the monstrous gingerbread house in the lobby of the world-famous Fairmont Hotel on Sacramento and Mason Streets.

Read all the fun facts - hundreds of pounds of icing, etc....then wait for it.

Wait for it.....


This house is two stories tall, has smoke coming out of the chimney
and is fully electrified.  It's amazing that it is entirely baked
and built by the kitchen of this hotel.

This is my friend, Mai sitting inside the house,
pondering all things processed sugar.

Here's a close-up of the candy details around the door frame.

Yes, there were candies missing.

Okay, now on with the rest of the walk.  Mai was an awesome tour guide.  She lived in this neighborhood while attending the Academy of Art University, so was able to identify cool points of interest.  Like this building which used to be a mosque.

And she pointed out the many MANY buildings owned by the Academy (the largest private landowner in San Francisco, btw).

As well as fancy restaurants like Fleur de lys...

and Le Colonial. This place intrigues me.  It's set way back in a tiny alley, but has a beautiful courtyard and open dance sessions during the week.  It looks like the ultimate first date restaurant.

Sons and Daughters looks like a great any date restaurant.  Very romantic!

I spotted this place and realized I haven't eaten any Indonesian food before.  Note to self.  

This, ladies and gentlemen, is reported to be the smalled Blockbuster store in the United States.  I think it's fair to call it a MINI Blockbuster.  And you know how I feel about mini things.  Score!

As we zigged and zagged down the side of the hill toward the Tenderloin, it became more apparent that I should put my camera away.  So, I'll leave you with these very cool sidewalk koi.  Have a great night!


  1. i love those koi! i wish i could paint those on my own sidewalk.lovin your blog. well done!


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