2.2 miles around the SF Zoo

This is a reprint of my Ocean Beach Bulletin post from earlier this month:

I thought I would be slick and walk a tidy loop around the zoo before entering, only to realize (the hard way) that Armory Road is not open to any traffic, pedestrian or otherwise.  Sooooo….I had to sheepishly turn around and walk ALL the way back around to enter the zoo parking lot from the north.  DO NOT DO THIS WALK!  Just park in the lot.  You’ll do plenty of walking inside the zoo.

Ah, the San Francisco Zoo! I’ve been twice since I moved here and loved it both times.  Before we move on to the next picture I need to note that I LOVE my new shirt from @walksf.If you aren’t familiar with Walk San Francisco, you should be because they do a great job of advocating pedestrian safety across the city.

The saving grace to the walk of shame around the zoo
was the mural outside the Janet Pomeroy Center and…

…there was tons of random junk on the sidewalk and in the bushes around the zoo.  This collection was my personal favorite.  Look closely for the fez hat!

I’ve been to plenty of zoos around the country and I firmly believe the San Francisco Zoo is the most attractive.  The landscape makes every animal paddock look like a post card. 

One corner of the zoo that I hadn’t ventured the first visit was the Children’s Zoo.  Holy smokes, it is fun!  I LOVE barnyard animals so I had fun brushing the goats and sheep with the tools provided.  Unlike most petting zoos, this one is large enough that visitors can stay as long as they want
and even help out with chores like grooming and scooping poo.

Another nifty San Francisco Zoo experience was the Bald Eagle presentation outside the Penguin tank.  Nothing inspires kids (and me) to pursue the field of ornithology
like a good discussion about our national bird.

If gorgeous scenery, lovable goats and science lessons aren’t reason enough to visit the San Francisco Zoo, consider this: the food is pretty darn good!  I got a cheeseburger for $4.99 and a cup of hot chocolate for $2.29 and they were both above average.  I’ve now been to this zoo twice, and look forward to going again.  If you haven’t been yet, go!  You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and follow @sfzoo on Twitter; they post really fun tweets about the goingson of the animals.


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