3 miles in the Sunset

Hey, look! I'm STILL plodding away out in the Sunset.

I brought Mai along to spice up the walk.

We were pleasantly surprised that the neighborhood is pretty darn charming. 

I mean, check out this paint job! I'm definitely calling Don Buckter the next time I need a house painted.

Mai thinks this building on Irving and 26th was in a movie.  Can anyone confirm this?

The neighborhood isn't entirely residential.  There are a few stores and a bunch of salons and restaurants on Judah.  This store looks pretty cool.  I'm going to come back when it's open to check it out.

Oh, and there's also a tattoo parlor.  This is Lefty's.  I'm a lefty myself so I think this place is extra awesome.

Walking in the near freezing temps made us hungry so by 24th,we started looking for a place to eat.  This place was a contender until we looked at the menu and discovered it's entirely desserts.

Mai has been to Kevin's before, so we decided to stick with a standard: pho.

I almost got brave and ordered the soda egg.  Almost.

Who knew this neighborhood was such a party scene?


  1. The Outer Sunset is an awesome neighbor hood...especially north and south on Noriega...great view of OB on overhead plus days...reminds me of looking down to Hilo Bay from Omao street back in the day...


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