2.8 miles in SoMa

Oh, SoMa, you dirty bird... I really want to like this neighborhood and the gentrification that is occurring, but there are patches and alleys that are pretty darn sketchy.  To be fair to the residents in this area, I'll leave the sketch to your imagination and only highlight the cool stuff.

Like, for instance, the Old Mint building built in 1874 and survived the 1906 earthquake...

...and the San Francisco Chronicle building.  Interesting fact about the Chronicle: Mark Twain used to write pieces for the paper in exchange for desk space.

Uh...is that thing dangerous?

Looking past the drug dealers loiterers present in each SoMa alley, the murals are actually worth a walk.  Here are just a few:    

DISCLAIMER: Seriously, I don't recommend walking around 6th Street after dark and/or alone.  Stick to exploring this area on a nice sunny day with a friend.


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