4.2 miles in the Sunset

The weather was gorgeous today so I headed out with Dumplin' Bean for a leisurely walk in the Sunset.

 It started out as a rather mundane walk in the city's most notoriously boring neighborhood, when I noticed some suspicious clues that indicated maybe, just maybe, there was some form of extraterrestrial life lurking nearby.
 Have you seen the movie, Super 8 yet? 
If not, you need to for two reasons:
1.  My husband worked on it; and
2. It will make what I'm about to say make more sense.
 Okay, clues that the neighborhood is inhabited by an ET: 

1.  Missing dogs.

Well, A missing dog.
 2.  An inappropriate number of metal items stuck to this house.

3.  The presence of what I assume to be high-level government officials sent on a black ops mission they can't discuss with us lowly civilians.
4.  And totally unamused babies.

Wait.  That last one wasn't in the movie...hmmm.  Okay, so maybe there are no UFOs or ETs in the Sunset today, but it livened my walk pretending there might be.


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