4.6 Miles in the Sunset District

It was a gray day but this Sunset District neighborhood was just vibrant enough to make for a fun 4.6 mile walk, with a great view of the northwest corner of the city as the prize...

The Sunset District is notoriously sleepy, but this pocket between Sunset and the Reservoir to the west and east, and Quintara and Noriega to the south and north, proved to be a charming stroll on Sunday morning. 

R. L. Stevenson Elementary School looks like fun.  They have mosaics and murals around their campus, as well as a student garden area behind the playground.  I also very much dig this success pyramid.

This neighborhood may not have the steepest or curviest roads, but it may have the most power lines.


This are is almost entirely residential, but there is a commercial district along Noriega Street.

The locals are very friendly, including the dogs.

On the corner of 28th Ave and Ortega Street, there is a pathway up to the top of the Sunset Reservoir where you can enjoy a rather sweeping view of the northwest corner of the city, including (if you look closely) the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here's me enjoying the view from the reservoir.  There are some slight inclines around the neighborhood, and a moderately steep incline up the side of the reservoir, but otherwise this is an easy walk that is stroller-friendly.


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