6.2 Miles in Lower Pacific Heights


I knew this route would be a challenge on foot so I found it shocking that my long-time walking buddy, Chris, wanted to take it on PUSHING A BABY STROLLER. But we did it!

With sippy cup and snacks on board, we hit the pavement on a dreary Saturday morning.

Now, let's be clear - the views from the tops of the hills in Lower Pac Heights are incredible so the homes up here are big and very pricey.

It's a mostly residential are of the City, but the notable business is hospital with large campus of outpatient buildings.  We discovered that my route took me down the stairs of the hospital campus which meant Chris had to re-route a block with the stroller to meet up with me on the other side. 


The hills are steepest on the northern half of the neighborhood, getting flatter down by Geary.  The views make the huffing and puffing uphill worth it.

My mother was absolutely not interested in struggling with the hills so met up with us for the flatter half.  There are some very nice streets of victorians north of Geary around the hospital campus.

By mile number 4, we were feeling a little wilted from the strenuous walk.  So, we ducked into Salt & Straw for a tasty pick-me-up.  I thoroughly enjoyed my vegan ice cream while we window shopped along Fillmore as we got our second wind.  

Good heavens, check out the brunch line at Sweet Maple on Sutter and Steiner! Their menu is a little too meat-heavy for my taste, but it has some really interesting offerings, so I can definitely see the appeal.

The largest outdoor space in this neighborhood is the Alta Plaza Park between Scott and Steiner north of Clay.  It offers amazing views (my legs were too sore to climb to the top of these stairs so just take my word for it), a nice playground for kids, stairs for exercising, and tons of open green space for relaxation.

While the homes at the top of the hills are larger and more ostentatious, the homes closer to Geary are a little smaller and artsier.  This house caught my eye as possibly the cutest house in the entire neighborhood.  The colors and decor are playful, while the garden space feels alive and inviting. 

In all, I enjoyed this walk as the neighborhood is safe and attractive.  The only downside, if I haven't mentioned it enough this post, is that it's hilly.  While Chris successfully pushed his stroller up and down all these hills I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Ha!


  1. 6.2! And with hills. Very impressive...

    And my favorite regular guest on the allison walks show was careful with elevation!


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