2 miles in Glen Park

This little wedge of a neighborhood is, I believe, part of Glen Park. 
Correct me if I'm wrong.

Google led me to believe this was a flatter walk than it really was. 
Oh, well.  It made for a good workout.

I really like this neighborhood.  It's a quiet, quaint mix of old homes...

...and funky new ones.

The yards are small, so flower beds are the norm.

Points of interest are the Fairmount Spanish immersion school...

...and a hippy bus.

Do edible cherries grow on trees with red leaves?  This looks like a cherry but I resisted eating it just in case it's deadly.

The flattest leg of the walk was heading back to my car on Dolores.  I never get tired of walking this street because I have a crush on palm trees.


  1. That is not an edible cherry, but a flowering plum. Its fruit is edible too. Bon appetit!

  2. Hi Allison
    We have a tree that looks exactly like your "cherry" tree. It is intermixed with trees with green leaves that produce plums. This year while the green leaf trees were producing plums, "cherries" were growing on the purple-leafed tree (for the first time in our 15 years here!). My gardener informed me that these are indeed plums, known as "cherry plums". I can tell you that they look AND taste exactly like cherries (down to the tiny pits and size of the fruit, and even the short stems!) but they truly are plums. Amazing!

  3. p.s. I live right across the bay in the Oakland Hills~

  4. Can we eat that fruit everyone? Because my garden has one, I tasted it, sour tasting but I don't try more because I am not sure it can eat or non.

    1. Yes! I may be a bit late, but that fruit is edible! You just have to wait for it to ripen, it'll be a bit sour but it'll also be sweet! I think the skin is the part that is sour though haha


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