09/08/09: 5 miles through North Beach

What a great day for a walk along the Embarcadero! It was just warm enough that I didn't need a sweater. I felt really ambitious and went for five miles.

I started out at the Ferry Building and headed north along the Embarcadero past the piers.

The famous Fog City Diner at the corner of Battery and The Embarcadero marks Mile 1.  I think the lemon maringue pie in there is really dreamy.

I haven't been to the Teatro Zinzanni (http://www.zinzanni.org/) at Pier 29 yet but I've heard the show is fantastic.

Whew! I'm glad they said that or I would have been totally confused...

The sea lions were being extremely lazy on the docks at Pier 39. 

This is some seriously heavy sidewalk poetry.

The harbor near Pier 45 is pretty quiet on a Tuesday afternoon.  This is an excellent place to wander around and think about existential sidewalk poetry.

This window makes me smile every time I pass by...It happens to be next door to one of my favorite restaurants in North Beach, Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House.  If you've never been, make a point of stopping in to at least look at the decor and use the hand dryer in the bathroom.  An unforgettable experience, I assure you.  The ponies mark Mile 2.

From this point on Columbus, looking at the Transamerica building, I'm at the 3 mile mark.  Go me!

My sister-in-law read about this place in a magazine so we hunted it down last time she was in town.  The store is tiny but well-stocked with awesomely delish candies.  It's on Sutter and Kearny and marks Mile 4 on my journey, btw.

The giraffe mural at the Powell Street BART station marks Mile 5.  Yikes, my legs are sore!

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