09/27/09: 7 miles in Outer Sunset

Yay! I finally had a free afternoon to walk!  It was the perfect Sunday to stroll past the beach and through the Outer Sunset district.  The sun was bright, the air clear but there was enough of a cool breeze to make the experience really swell.  Since the streets are so square and consistant in this area, I decided to just snake in an organized fashion from Judah down to Noriega starting as far west as possible.


I decided to take the N-Judah Muni all the way to Ocean Beach...and so did a few patrons of the Fulsom Street Fair.

First stop off the Muni was Ocean Beach.  It is not that easy walking on the loose sand in sneakers.  I made it about halfway to the water before turning back.  Despite best efforts, I still got sand in my shoes.

There is a great walking path that parallels the Great Highway along Ocean Beach.  I want to walk the entire length some day.  For now, I only got to walk it for a few blocks before heading inland on Noriega for the first lap back north.

Welcome to the Outer Sunset where every street looks pretty much like the above.  The fun of walking is that you see the uniqueness of what from a distance looks like a row of little boxes.

For instance, some people like potted plants...

...while other people like to paint their houses with bright colors.

Totally sweet mural inside someones porch on La Playa.

I asked this homeowner the name of his flowering tree and he said, "feces."  I think something was lost in translation.

Every few blocks I also came across these fun stenciled pictures in the sidewalk.

In some neighborhoods in San Francisco it truly is challenging to remember what country you are in.

Yes, that's dirt.

This is a very pet-friendly neighborhood.

The cat disagrees.

Sprinkled in among the houses are churches, schools and restaurants.

My favorite school in this neighborhood is the Francis Scott Key Elementary.  Look at that architecture! 

Plus it has a neat mural on the back wall facing the playground.

The biggest school in the neighborhood is Holy Name school and convent.  I happened to be in the area at 6pm when the bells chimed a series of hymns.  Very cool.

My legs were really starting to burn by mile six, but I'm glad I stuck it out the full seven miles.  Go me!


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