2.6 Miles in Balboa Terrace

I had a really long week at work and could only squeeze in a 2.6 mile walk this weekend.  I recruited my sister-in-law Sam to join me which made the walk much more fun!  We decided to take a stroll through one of the nicer neighborhoods of San Francisco called Balboa Terrace.

Each house in this neighborhood has a distinct style but all are about the same size: large.

The sidewalks in this area are pretty in their own right.  I love when care is taken in designing something that is otherwise so utilitarian and ignored.

The holiday season brings out really fantastic decorations.  This one is magazine worthy.

The unique door and simple decorations at this house made it my favorite.

This one was downright spooky!

Uh, oh...something's not quite right about those stairs.

Did Obama say that?

We noticed that this neighborhood has some very unusual foliage.  Sam was most curious about this hairy palm tree.

I was most curious about this patch of lawn.

We both applaud this little tree for bearing more fruit than it can support.

A Christian Science church is tucked right in the middle of this neighborhood. 

The plate says VIP Idol.  His actions and hair say "tool bag."


  1. I only got in 2 miles today too.....although yours was much more exciting than mine! Love the hairy palm tree...could you ship one to HI please? Thx.


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