1 mile in Mission Dolores

1 mile.  I know... I am planning on taking a long walk this weekend and frankly, I didn't have much time last night.  So, this is all I could do.

This is not in the Mission at all.  It's above the Mongomery BART station which I used to get to the Mission. It's hard to see in this picture, but look closely:  there are two McDonald's on the same block.  This picture is cursed (probably by Burger King) and not centering.  Sorry.

Alright, the Burger King curse is affecting this entire post.  No picture centering from here on out.  Okay, back on track: the childrens' cowboy boots ARE in the Mission and I think they are adorable. 

These are wedding dresses.  My favorite is the teal blue one with the cut-out midrift.  So demure and traditional...

Another fantastic mural.  I'm not going to confirm or deny that there was an insane amount of pot smoke pouring out of this building.  


My new favorite sidewalk stencil.

It really doesn't get much more San Francisco than this.

This, my friends, is a gas station that sees the glass half full.


  1. I'd print out the gas station picture and post it at work - it would make me smile everytime I saw it. Any chance you can find one of those for Detroit - haha ;) I've got my work cut out for me to find the "gems" in Detroit - but I'm gonna try!


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