3 miles in Mission Dolores

The Mission neighborhood is so large it's broken down into smaller areas.  Tonight I walked through the Mission Dolores which is between - brace yourself - Dolores and Mission streets. 

Foreign language lesson:  'mission' apparently means 'mural' in Spanish.

This one was fun.

But to be honest, I liked this one the best.  The scratching pen/ink illustration style rocks. Love it!

This neighborhood has so much more to offer than just the vibrant huge murals on the walls...the sidewalks offer all sorts of poetry and illustrations of their own.  I'm not gonna lie, this one is pretty heavy.


Ooh, this is the coolest homeless sock I've ever seen.  A toddler size, no less.

The Mission neighborhoods are known for corner groceries with barrels of produce on the sidewalk...

...and hipster thrift shops, with hipster pricing.  Check out the tag on that used sweater.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - there really are animal horns, a sword, eagle paintings and greeting cards in the same store front.  MAGNIFICENT.


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