1.5 miles in Bernal Heights

I have prepared the following excuses for why this walk is only 1.5 miles.  Here goes: 1) My brother and wife came along for the walk with their son in a stroller; 2) I still don't feel 100% from my recent cold; and 3) My office holiday party was the night before. Oh, and 4) I had absolutely every intention of going back out on Sunday afternoon by myself to walk the rest of the neighborhood but it RAINED!  This is totally not my week. Okay, well now that's out there.  The good news is that even though the walk was short, I saw a ton of neat stuff and I can't wait to get back to see the rest of the neighorhood.

Bernal Heights is a cute neighborhood that has a main drag called Cortland Ave. lined with shops and restaurants, a church and library.  The rest of the neighborhood is residential.

We had a really excellent lunch in Taco Los Altos.  Super cheap and tasty.  Grilled fish tacos in homemade corn tortillas = awesome.

This neighborhood has a high incidence of mysterious little doors.  This one makes sense...


...whereas this one does not.

Ohh, Sam spotted a mysterious little window too!

We noticed that this neighborhood has some really great mosaic work.

Especially this house...

...where the artist, Collette lives!  She happened to be in her yard as we passed.  She said her husband molded the lion face out of concrete.  Super rad.

This neighborhood has some great views of the bay and Twin Peaks.

It also has a lovely park called Holly Park.

The trees in Holly Park are amazing.

This neighborhood also has some really unique landscaping decor.

Since I only got to see a few of the streets in Bernal Heights, I'll be back soon to see the rest.


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