2.8 miles in SoMa

The sketch level hit a new high tonight on my walk in SoMa.  It was definitely a Code Red down a few streets where the lighting was spotty and the ratio of homeless men to me was about 6 to 1.


Most of the area is hip, urban bustle...

...and then there is the Transbay Bus Terminal.  Yes, those are homeless people lining the wall. :(

Have you heard about Oscar Grant?  Google him.  He was the first tragic death of 2009 in the Bay Area and it ruffled a lot of feathers.  This door is keeping the memory alive in an oh so tasteful manner.

To detract from the "Skid Row" embiance, Greyhound Busline threw some rainbow lighting across the overpass.  It almost works.

Dang.  Besides having to avoid the lurking creeps in the dark corners, I faced a large obstacle mid-walk.  This neighborhood fails in the logistics/safety department.

However, it totally wins in the corporate lobby holiday decoration department.

This one is in the lobby of 50 Fremont which would be totally unblogworthy except that I got a request from my friend Christine to check out the SF office of the public accounting firm, Deloitte.

This one's for you, Christine!  (The doorman wouldn't grant me access to the actual Deloitte office, so the front door shot will have to do for now...)

This Orrick display is the current front runner in the prettiest tree presentation contest.

And this blob at CBS Interactive wins the award for best "abstract metal holiday shape."

Charles Schwab didn't have a tree presentation but they did have a holiday party.  Had I been in a jollier mood, I might have tried crashing it.  Next year, Chuck.  Next year.

JP Morgan wins the best "humongous sleigh bells" award.

I was taking pictures of the sleigh bells outside when the security guard offered to take my picture.  He said I should walk like an Egyptian.  I refused.  And thus, we arrived at this terribly awkward shot.

This neighborhood has some great public scultures.

I'm not going to lie - this one will haunt my dreams tonight. :S

Here are some huge pinecones to wash the memory of the spooky face sculpture from your mind.


  1. Thanks for the Deloitte shots!! :) Love the pic of the pine cones!!


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