NOVEMBER STATS: 21.7 miles

NOVEMBER 2009: 21.7 miles


Ugh.  This was a rediculous month.  I was sick twice, we hosted a party, we traveled and we had Thanksgiving.  Excuses, excuses, I know...  Honestly, though - with the crazy schedule and the daylight savings time zapping all sunlight after work, this month proved to be a real walking challenge.  Oh, well.  I'm going to try hard to bring it in December.  I have big walking plans for this coming weekend!

Any requests for neighborhoods you'd like to see me walk this month?


  1. That looks pretty impressive on the map! I would like to request a picture of the building Deloitte is in in SF, please. Not sure where or what it looks like....but would like to see it! :)

    This month was really really bad for me for walking, I was sick the first half and moving the second half......does moving count as walking?!?! OK, I better get back on it. I'll go take some pics around my neighborhood for FB and I also need to go on my lunch and snap some downtown Detroit - there are actually some cool places.....

  2. Thanks! Can do...I'm curious to see these 'cool' Detroit pics you speak of. :P


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