1.8 miles in West Portal*

I'm back in town and ready to walk.  I took my sister, brother and nephew on this walk through West Portal.  Everyone was on board with the idea except for the one member of the group screetching in his stroller... No biggie.  We walked a brisk 1.8 miles in West Portal and then made a quick stop at Mt Davidson Park to check out the humongous cross.  The milage in the park doesn't count since it has no streets, but I'm gonna guess the trek logged at least another .2 miles.

West Portal is alot like the Sunset neighborhoods - a little rougher along the busy streets (like 19th, Sloat and Junipera Serra) but orderly along the quieter inside streets.

This is one of the most perfectly manicured lawns I've ever seen.  I would really hate to spill wine on the carpet at this house...

This neighborhood is self-sufficient with a Safeway grocery store, corner markets and several restaurants.

My favorite being Squat & Gobble.  Love this place, especially the omlets.

You may have noticed by now that I am a sucker for libraries, churches and graffiti.  Here is the library...

...here is the church...

...and here is the graffiti (such as it is).

Okay, here is phase two of our walk: Mt. Davidson Park.  The mountain itself offers one of the highest points in the city.  We cheated on getting to the top by driving up to and parking on Dalewood Way, hiking up the very last way through the park.

And a hike it was.  The trek up the slippery slope was a little more than my sister bargained for.

That said, the cross monument on the top of the hill was totally worth the hike.  The cross has an interesting history (being burned down and changing owners multiple times) worth reading:

The cross is 103 feet tall and is on the highest natural point of San Francisco.  The view is pretty impressive from up there, but not the most panoramic in town...Twin Peaks and Bernal Heights offer better views.


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