3.5 miles in Inner Richmond

I don't know what to call this neighborhood.  I thought it was Lake District, but I've been told it really is just the north half of Inner Richmond. Fine. Inner Richmond is what it is then.

This neighborhood (whatever it's called) is choc full of churches...

and schools...

and church schools.

It also has a collection of mystery establishments.

This sign is in front of a building that appears to be a church. Dunno.

Oh, and then there was this place.  Please note the fine gentleman walking towards me...He might be a "little sister of the poor", but he is no friend of the blogger.  Apparently, the large institutional building is private property and a place where the likes of me is not welcome.


The fun street in this area is Clement Street.  It is a long strip of interesting cousine.  This is not Chinatown or Japantown.  This is Asiatown.  You want Burmese food?

Got it.

You want Singapor(ian?) food?

Got it.

Bring. It.



  1. Han Solo has a restaurant in Inner Richmond? Who knew?

  2. Wait - it's a pho challenge? Bring it. Next time we are in SF.


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