3.5 miles in Pacific Heights

I thought I had covered all of Pacific Heights, but I was wrong.  It's a big neighborhood.  I'm still not sure I got it all even with this pass...

I need to say this right away.  Based on the restaurant selection alone, I'm in love with this place.

And about three blocks away from The House of Prime Rib and Harris' Steakhouse is Ruth's Chris.  The triumvirate of beef.

Now back to the housing.  It's swell.

Sidewalk width is a socio-economic measure that increases in direct proportion to GNP (Gross Neighborhood Product).  Most places only have a 2-square wide sidewalk.  That's all I'm saying...

Many of the apartment buildings in the area are charming.

While a few, not so much.

As I was walking along Jackson Street, I noticed this very odd property - large, super private and incredibly intimidating.

When I rounded the property on Washington Street, I discovered the property is even bigger, more private and intimidating up close.  What is this place???  Ladies and gentlemen, 2080 Washington Street is home to none other than the literary goddess, Danielle Steele!
Here's a quick history lesson:
"The Spreckels Mansion, a French Baroque chateau at 2080 Washington Street in Pacific Heights, is made of white limestone and has 55 rooms, including a Louis XVI ballroom. Romance novelist Danielle Steele lives in the mansion which was built in 1913 for the bride of sugar heir Adolph Spreckels."

I thought nothing could excite me more than finding Danielle Steele's house until I saw this organic oasis.  I Heart Whole Foods.  You know why?

Oh, yeah.

Since I had to take a bus and a train home, I could only buy one bag's worth of gluten free treasures.  I got pie crusts, Kinnikinnick Burger Buns and Udi's GF Bread.  Holy cow, that Udi's Bread is a-mazing! I ate three slices with jam for dessert tonight.  Aahhh...


And in conclusion, I'll leave you with this curiosity. (This one is for my husband, who ranks Strange Brew in his top three favorite movies right between Caddyshack and Thrashin).


  1. Danielle Steele - WOW! Nice find! And 55 rooms, seriously? Do we know how many square feet that is??


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