Avon Walk Pink Craft/Candy Sale 02-20-10 in Pacifica!

My Avon Walk Pink Craft/Candy Fundraiser Sale 
Saturday, February 20th (Tomorrow!!!) from 9am-2pm 
Pacifica Community Center
540 Crespi Drive in Pacifica, CA 

If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend taking a short road trip to check out Pacifica and its fantastic beaches as well as stop by my sale to support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Two totally awesome birds with one stone!  Even if you are low on cash and can't swing a purchase, please stop in anyway to just say Hi!  Here are some pictures of my every-shade-of-pink goods to lure you in:
Bathlife Soap and Lip Gloss

You are astute in deducing that soap and lip gloss are neither crafts nor candies but they are handcrafted and smell like candy so they make the cut.  Kim from Bathlife was soooooo generous to donate these delicious Kitten glitter soaps and  Pomegranate+Vanilla lip glosses for my sale.  They smell super yummy and are made from great ingredients.  Come pick up one of each and then check out the rest of the Bathlife goods at: http://www.bathlife.net/. You are the best, Kim!

INNAjam Pink Ribbon Ruby Red Grapefruit Jam

You know who else is the best?  Dafna from INNAjam for whipping up a batch of jam just for this sale!  In the spirit of pink, INNAjam made a special Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade for this sale.  If you love grapefruit like I do, you are going to go bananas grapefruits over it.  The flavor is stout and pure, not sugared down like sissy marmalades.  I think it tastes amazing with a little cream cheese.  I will have a tasting at my booth so stop by to blow your mind.  Follow Dafna's jam-making (and pickle-making...she makes incredible INNApickles too!) journey at http://www.innajam.com/

Now let's get to the yarn crafts!

Yarn Crafts!

An old co-worker of mine, Claudia is a member of a yarn-crafting club in the Florida Keys call The Stitchin' Bitches, several members of which are breast cancer survivors.  These ladies are incredible!  I asked if they could whip up a few items for my sale, giving them approximately 30 days to work.  At the end of the month, I received three large bags of fantastic items.  Insanely fast and detailed work!  I know this because I made one scarf in the pile above and it took me one entire month of toiling to get it done.  (Can you guess which one is mine?)

Bags! I LOVE that farmer's market bag on the left.  I secretly don't want anyone to buy it because I want it for myself!  Hee hee.  The other bags are pretty fantastic too.

Other yarn crafts include chemo hats, potholders, washcloths, lace coasters (amazing!)  and bookmarks.

Oh, and these are soooo cool - beautiful, reusable gift bags!  My favorite are the wine bags.  Such a beautiful way to present a bottle.  Think weddings, Easter, Passover or Mother's Day...moms love this kind of stuff!


Speaking of moms, my momsy made a tree-full of gorgeous ornaments in every shade of pink.  She made them using the traditional ribbon and pin style.  Red and green is so five minutes ago.  Imagine an entirely pink tree!  If you have no sense of imagination, I will actually have a Christmas tree at my sale hung with them so you can see them in all their fuschia and blush glory.

Each ornament is entirely unique and they come in three handy sizes.  I have gift boxes and tissue to wrap them so feel free to buy these as one-of-a-kind-fundraiser-for-the-important-cause-of-breast-cancer gifts.  Or you can just buy them to enjoy on your own tree.

Other ornaments include bird houses, stars and antibellum hats in various sizes.

Mini Hats!

A word about the hats: these miniature hats were made by well-known 19th century style milliner (person who makes and sells hats that look like the ones people wore in the 1800s), Christine Kafer, using antique laces, beads and flowers to mimic the expensive, full-size antibellum hats she normally makes.  Some of the lace is over 100 years old and again, each hat is entirely unique so great for gifting.

The Most Amazing Notecards That Ever Were!

Also great for gifting - super fresh note cards made by your's truly.  I think they are cool because on the face of each card, there is an area to write a unique statement.  For instance on the one that says, "Newsflash" you could write: "We're getting hitched" or "I'm knocked up" or other classy statements like that.

Pink Stuff!

Oh, I also have a bunch of pink ribbon breast cancer awareness stuff - cute jewelry, pins and lanyards.  Show you care with a little pink!

Now on to the candy!

I am so excited (probably because I'm hopped up on all the sugar I've consumed from sampling the tasty creations) about the candy offerings!  Here's the list of yummy stuff:

Pink Ribbon Crunch (the most magical Chex-ish type mix you'll ever taste)
Soft Chew Caramels
Jewel Candies
Coconut Strawberries (crazy good old-fashioned treats)
Classic Chocolate Fudge (with pink sprinkles!)
Pecan Rocky Road Fudge
Scharffen Berger Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Fudge
Cheesy Peanut Butter Fudge (yeah, you heard me - cheesy peanut butter...a sample will wipe that "Whhhaaaa???" off your face.  I promise!)

I hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. If you have leftovers (which you won't)...I would like some notecards...pink stuff......and lip gloss.... ;)

  2. Ohhhh. I would eat that grapefruit jam with a spoon!

  3. Allison,

    I just me you at the Pacifica Community Center and bought your Cheesy Peanut Fudge.

    The name of the person I mentioned is Tom Graham: http://www.sfwalkingman.com/ Also known as Tom Graham the Walkng Man.

    Another site for you: http://www.walksf.org/

    Good luck, and thanks for the fudge. The dog only got one piece!


  4. Great stufff! I wish I could be there. :( I hope you had a lot of sales!


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