3 miles in The Castro

Yeah, you caught me - I totally slacked on this walk.  Not only was it mostly downhill, but I skipped a few streets to get home quicker.  TO BE FAIR, the streets I skipped were ridiculously dark.  The street lights were way too far apart, ergo terribly unsafe for a walker.  Safety is my middle name.

The walk started in the sunlight, and it was gorgeous.  Great weather and great houses.

A++ for all the super fresh paint jobs in this neighborhood. 

Also, this neighborhood gets high marks for the view.

This one is a winner.

So, everything was going along just swell...until...


Good thing I was right by Delores Park where I could run around in wet grass until it came out of my shoe.

Okay, so 'The Castro' is a neighborhood with a street running through it called Castro Street.

The banners may give it a way, but this area is legendary for its large gay community.

One of the most famous buildings is the Castro Theater.

I love the doors.

The street has plenty of really neat shops.  Many of them cater to dogs (you know, those creatures that poo on sidewalks for people to step in).

Since this was a short walk, I don't have much else to share.  However, I will leave this picture of Delores Street palm trees for all of you in snow country to enjoy.


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