3.4 miles on Nob Hill

I am going to say this right away: don't EVER end your walk at sundown on the corner of Geary and Hyde. EVER.  Yes, mom, I was carrying my pepper spray.  However, I don't think it would have protected me from the creatures I saw crawling toward the bus stop. ~Shudder~

The thing is, the walk was great except for the last 1/4 mile.  Seriously.  Most of the area looked like this...

But then, right at the end as I entered the Tenderloin, it turned into this. :/  Someone please tell me what I am look at here. 

Nob Hill is one of the oldest, most beautiful neighborhoods in town.  The best of the neighborhood is at the top of the hill, where the Fairmont and the Grace Cathedral are situated.  But this ain't too bad.

This is the neighborhood for sports stores,

auto body shops,

awesome smelling burger joints,

and funny named restaurants.

Which leads us to the "odd fusions" portion of our tour:



Latte-Roth IRA.

Bell bottoms-HIV Test.

Wait, what?!

The piece of toast is just as confused as you are.

Here's a better question: why is French stuff so cool?

And more importantly, would you eat this cabbage?


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