5.5 miles on Twin Peaks

 Twin Peaks is a famous neighborhood.  Well, a famous hill.

 Aptly named because there are in fact two peaks on the top.  You can spot this hill from pretty much anywhere in town.  It's distinct.

There is something else on the top of Twin Peaks that is distinct, but you might not notice it...

 Oh, wait.  Yes you would.

 Enough about the hill itself; let's talk about the views from the top.  When you visit, you can drive up to a nice tourist look-out area with a parking lot.  Then, if you so desire, you can climb up the summit of the peaks on foot.

 You are also free to explore the hill, but a note to pedestrians:  there are no sidewalks, so be aware of the cars!

 The views are pretty cool all the way around the hills.

The views are not just wasted on tourists.  There are plenty of houses down all sides of the hill.

The more affordable homes are along the west and south faces of the hill. 

The nicer houses are along the north and east faces, to grab views of the financial district and bay.  Ahh! I love this house.  It had me at white-washed brick.

Ooh! Can you find me?

First time I've run across one of these.  Someone explain, please.


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