5.8 miles in Anza Vista and Northern Park

This is two walks in one.  Anza Vista is the northern half of this rectangle, Northern Park is the southern half.  There are differences between the two neighborhoods.

Anza Vista has more modern looking houses...

...where the residents throw away their lawns,

and cut their bushes into mullets.

Northern Park has older looking homes,

with convertables made out of duct tape,

and funny named laundromats.

One thing these two neighborhoods have in common: love for the arts.  Yes, that really is K-POO.

You know what's great in 2-D? A bicycle.

You know what else is great in 2-D? 100 Obamas.

Wait, are we talking about hepa filters?

The Independent is my favorite venue for the following reasons:
1.  They have pear cider at the bar.
2.  The bathrooms aren't that bad.
3.  I got to stand on stage here with Deer Tick (a/k/a the greatest band on earth).

MISSING: One naked hare krishna.

ALSO MISSING: The phone part of this pay phone.


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