5.8 miles on Lone Mountain

I cheated.  I started my walk at the top of the hill (thank you, Bob, for driving me up there!) so I was mostly walking downhill.  That said, it was still almost six miles and I felt perfectly great after.  Confidence regained!

Lone Mountain is not only the name of the hill, it was the original name of the Catholic girls school that perched at the top at the turn of the century.

It is now the home of University of San Francisco, a Jesuit co-ed college.  http://web.usfca.edu/

The buildings on this campus are gorgeous.

Especially the huge St. Ignatius Church.

Because of its location, you can see these spires from far away.  I have noticed them on several of my walks.  So excited to finally get up close!

The campus is home to a law school.

And a HUGE athletic center.

The campus housing is way above average (on the outside, anyway).

Very cute shopping plaza with a Lucky grocery store.

Speaking of cute, there are some very cute houses in this neighborhood.

The colors are bold but really work.

Ahh! I love these two.  Like two little boys in their Easter suits!

Oh, yeah.  Not to forget that we are in San Francisco, here is a weird electric car...

...and a creepy little door.  (Thanks, Chris, for being such a good creepy little door model!)

And, so you don't forget we are on a college campus - some down and out free furniture.


  1. I like your concept and think it's great that you're walking all over the city. I notice though you don't seem to have any plans to walk through SoMa to Fisherman's Wharf (though maybe I haven't read far enough back?) - if you were, I'd offer to walk with you up the Embarcadero as that's my favorite place to go for walks.

    Also, I would like to know why you take so many pictures of churches but none of jewish temples?


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